New Release – That’s When You Blew My Mind by Postindustrial Poets

The Postindustrial Poets like to sing songs that tell stories. A new story will unfold on 12 February, ‘That’s When You Blew My Mind‘. What can we expect from this next chapter? “The song is about love, travel and transcendent moments. And it is about the sounds maybe more than anything we have released inContinue reading “New Release – That’s When You Blew My Mind by Postindustrial Poets”

New Release – Sick Without You by Skylar Nevaeh

On February 12th Skylar Nevaeh will be releasing her new track ‘Sick Without You’. She chose this particular date for the release, because it’s her dad’s birthday. A pre-save link can be found here. “This song describes how you can miss someone you love when they are not around. Some people really experience a feelingContinue reading “New Release – Sick Without You by Skylar Nevaeh”

New Release – Leaving the Dark by Skylar Nevaeh

Skylar Nevaeh’s new single ‘Leaving the Dark‘ was released on 8 January. The lyrics say: “leaving the darkness behind, starry nights are more bright”; meaning there are better times ahead. Do those lyrics have a special meaning to you? “To me the lyrics mean I should always believe darker days will pass and better daysContinue reading “New Release – Leaving the Dark by Skylar Nevaeh”

In the spotlight – the Jobs

For this week’s spotlight I’m running away with the Jobs. The Jobs are a feel good indie alt rock band based in Cleveland (USA). Trevor (vocals, guitar) took me on a trip into the band’s history, their influences and the upcoming EP ‘Sailing Upon the Times’. Who are the Jobs? How and when did youContinue reading “In the spotlight – the Jobs”

Best of 2020 – Postindustrial Poets

What was your most streamed song in 2020? By a good distance, our most streamed song is ‘I was in two minds‘. So far, anyway. What’s your favourite song in the Cool 20 Hall of Fame? Really, I can’t separate ‘Crazy Daze‘ by Grace Can’t Play Guitar and ‘High and Low and Back Again‘ byContinue reading “Best of 2020 – Postindustrial Poets”

Best of 2020 – Padre Tóxico

What was your most streamed song in 2020? ‘I got 5 on it‘ – Luniz. But if you mean mine, ‘Summer in LA’ with PRI. 😉 What’s your favourite song in the Cool 20 Hall of Fame? ‘Midnight Rain Feeling‘ by MK Tomar. And Skylar Nevaeh from the Cool 20 chart. What are your plansContinue reading “Best of 2020 – Padre Tóxico”

In the spotlight – Skylar Nevaeh

For this week’s spotlight I interviewed a fellow Dutchie, Skylar Nevaeh. She is a young and upcoming female music producer. She started producing music on her computer at a young age. She finds inspiration in jazz, R&B, lofi and pop music. Her own music style contains ambient, jazz, R&B and downtempo vibes.  Skylar Nevaeh isn’tContinue reading “In the spotlight – Skylar Nevaeh”