New Release – Better Late Than Never (album) by Shaun D Charlton

Shaun D Charlton lives in Lincolnshire (UK) with his partner of 35 years. His first foray into music was at the tender age of 16 and fronting his first band in 1986. Fast forward to 2020: after several bands, some tv appearances and a solo club career spanning almost a decade, Shaun decided to writeContinue reading “New Release – Better Late Than Never (album) by Shaun D Charlton”

New Release – Infusion (EP) by Shaun D. Charlton

“After playing in bands and earning a living on the club circuit in the late 90’s early 2000’s, I started to write and record my own songs in 2019 for the first time in over 25 years. I now split my music between 2 producers in Lincolnshire and leeds and this gives me the abilityContinue reading “New Release – Infusion (EP) by Shaun D. Charlton”

Monthly Mixtape 2021-09

Yes! It’s good to know beautiful music can still be found. Try a little bit of indieness! We have selected these 100 tracks that were submitted to us in the month September 2021 (random order). Click the cassette to be directed to the Spotify Mixtape. Shoutout to all these artists! Featuring: The Metal Byrds, CraigContinue reading “Monthly Mixtape 2021-09”

New Release – Without A Shadow Of Doubt by Shaun D. Charlton

Starting his musical journey way back in school with the choir, it didn’t take Shaun long to figure out that music was going to play a big part in his life. The lockdown re-ignited his passion for songwriting and he released several songs in 2020. His newest release, ‘Without A Shadow Of Doubt‘ is expectedContinue reading “New Release – Without A Shadow Of Doubt by Shaun D. Charlton”