Chart Update 2021 wk42

Favourite Five: Rufusking

First: many thanks for inviting us to do the ‘Impossible5’. Let’s go! 1. What’s your favourite song from the current Cool Top 20? “We really like ‘Receipts’, another instant classic from Sophie and Alex Dorsten. Great song, great artists!” 2. What’s your favourite song from the Hall of Fame? (Timo, guitar/vocals) “We are very honoured to beContinue reading “Favourite Five: Rufusking”

Chart Update 2021 wk41

New Release – Motel Stardust by Rufusking

A solid base of rock. Bits of indie and acid. Rashers of grunge and blues. The members of Dutch band Rufusking prepare a musical meal for you with their very own ingredients. And they are ready to serve it to the world… Since 2017 the four-piece band has been working on their own repertoire. TheyContinue reading “New Release – Motel Stardust by Rufusking”