New Release – Hurricane by Rī Wolf with Carmen Bruno

After spending the last 14 years as a collegiate track and field coach in Texas and almost 9 years away from music, Rī Wolf is bursting back into the music scene with a Grass Roots Americana sound reminiscent of a West Texas Troubadour making his way back home. For his upcoming release ‘Hurricane’ Rī WolfContinue reading “New Release – Hurricane by Rī Wolf with Carmen Bruno”

In the spotlight: Riley Whittaker

Riley Whittaker is a 17-year-old indie alternative musician/songwriter currently living in Nashville (USA). In addition to playing guitar, she also plays the keyboard, ukulele and violin. Riley grew up in a small town called Sedona, Arizona. She lived in the same town her entire childhood, and didn’t move out of it till about a yearContinue reading “In the spotlight: Riley Whittaker”

Spotify Playlist – Best of CoolTop20 2021

Musically, 2021 was a special year. Hardly any live performances, except online. But still we have discovered enough beautiful new music. Our favorite tracks can be found in this playlist. You will find all the songs that have been in the top20 in the past year. Sorted by the results in the chart. Here atContinue reading “Spotify Playlist – Best of CoolTop20 2021”

Chart Update 2021 wk51

Here’s a new CoolTop20. Nomden is the new numero uno. New names in the CoolTop20 are The Vain Travail and Marvin Anthony. Sugartown Slim and Blake Sonnet are familiar names which return in the Top20 with their new singles. The Future us are in this weeks spotlight and they provide us the Christmas tunes. EnjoyContinue reading “Chart Update 2021 wk51”

Chart Update 2021 wk50

Here’s a new CoolTop20. Joe Peacock, who was introduced to us by Joe Ademar, takes the lead with his brilliant “is not everything morbid?” . We would like to introduce you to 4 amazing new tracks. The Canadian artist David Scarsella is back in the CoolTop20 with another beautiful ballad. Brian Wolff from Texas hasContinue reading “Chart Update 2021 wk50”

New Release – Desert Marigold by Rī Wolf and Sophie Dorsten

‘Desert Marigold’ is an americana/alt-country/folk song about the fragility of life and appreciating your loved ones while you have them. It will be released December 17th. A pre-save is available. “I’ve teamed up with up-and-coming Arizona singer/songwriter Sophie Dorsten to bring this song together.” “This was a really fun collaboration project. I asked Sophie ifContinue reading “New Release – Desert Marigold by Rī Wolf and Sophie Dorsten”

New Release – Strawberry Fields (EP) by Rī Wolf

After an almost 8 year hiatus from music, Rī Wolf is returning with what some call a “genre agnostic” sound that’s rooted in great songwriting, unforgettable melodies and rugged authenticity. With a mix of soul, blues, country and pop, Rī brings these elements together for a unique, but familiar sound laced with intriguing, heartfelt lyricalContinue reading “New Release – Strawberry Fields (EP) by Rī Wolf”

New Release – A View Like You by Rī Wolf

Rī Wolf has consistently pushed out singles every month since October 2020 and is gaining steam quickly. With new singles being released monthly, 2021 proves to be a springboard for Rī’s music career. His new single ‘A View Like You‘ will be released on May 3rd. “I wrote this song about 3-4 months ago while visitingContinue reading “New Release – A View Like You by Rī Wolf”

New Release – Slide by Rī Wolf

Rī Wolf is a singer-songwriter/musician. In 2020 Rī Wolf launched his first single ‘I Wish I Could‘. He has consistently pushed out singles every month since October 2020. His soulful pop bluesy-ness has generated over 75,000+ streams collectively on multiple platforms over the last 4 months alone. His new single ‘Slide‘ will be released on AprilContinue reading “New Release – Slide by Rī Wolf”