In the spotlight: Marveline

Marveline is the eclectic solo project of Pete Marley, who also plays in a band called Nature Strip. He was born in England, but his family emigrated to Australia when he was very young. Pete Marley is currently living in Sydney, Australia. “I’ve lived in London a couple of times. It was great, so muchContinue reading “In the spotlight: Marveline”

New Release – Our Parade by Marveline

Marveline makes guitar-ish pop music, with the occasional spaced-out instrumental. The new release ‘Our Parade’ will be the first tune since the ‘Savoury-Toothed Tiger’ album from 2020. It’s already available on Bandcamp and Spotify will follow on 19 February. This is the pre-save link. Here’s what Marveline had to say about ‘Our Parade’. “The songContinue reading “New Release – Our Parade by Marveline”