New Release – Watch Me Fall by Sparralimb ft. FedbySound

Rick Whitehead is the multi-instrumentalist behind Sparralimb, a solo project that has collaborated with several artist, such as Jamie Armstrong & S.D. Charlton. He is also one half of Plains of Silence and was the guitarist for Saboteurs and Tripswitch. Sparralimb is releasing ‘Watch Me Fall’ on June 3rd. It’s a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist MarkContinue reading “New Release – Watch Me Fall by Sparralimb ft. FedbySound”

In the spotlight: Fedbysound

Fedbysound is Mark Grider, a multi-istrumentalist from Southern California. He began his musical journey at 15, when he first picked up guitar. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? “For starters, I think too much. I consider myself an outcast, but not the kind of outcast that begs to be noticed. I preferContinue reading “In the spotlight: Fedbysound”

New Release – Let Go by Fedbysound

Fedbysound is Mark Grider, a multi-instrumentalist who writes, records, mixes and masters all of his music – except for his first album, which was mastered by Dave Collins – in the comfort of his home studio in Southern California. Mark released his first album ‘Resonate‘ and his second album ‘Imperfect‘ in 2020. In 2021, heContinue reading “New Release – Let Go by Fedbysound”