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Spotify Playlist – Have a wonderful Indie Christmas

I must admit. I’m not very much into Christmas songs. Same tracks every year. Bells are ringing. Wonderful Christmastime blabla. But hey, there is an alternative! Last year Chenel No.1 started to collect some Indie Christmas songs for us. We already have a great set of alternative Christmas songs with artists like: Denny Lloyd, ChenelContinue reading “Spotify Playlist – Have a wonderful Indie Christmas”

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In the spotlight: Mark Cokes

Mark Cokes is a singer/songwriter and marathon swimmer. Mark was born in Dublin (Ireland) where he lived till his early twenties before emigrating to Australia, New York and Los Angeles finishing his travels in Bosnia and Italy. “I returned home with a head full of cultured madness and a heart full of exciting opportunity.” “IContinue reading “In the spotlight: Mark Cokes”

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Best of 2020 – Mark Cokes

What was your most streamed song in 2020? My most streamed song is ‘Then I Realised‘ thanks to the Cool Top 20! So grateful to you and Mike. What’s your favourite song in the Cool 20 Hall of Fame? ‘On a School Night‘ by Emma Halpin. What are your plans for 2021? Definitely a newContinue reading “Best of 2020 – Mark Cokes”