New release – Go! Go! Go! (EP) by LOBSTERBOMB

LOBSTERBOMB is an indie punk-rock band formed in a Berlin basement in 2020, consisting of Nico Rosch (vocals/guitar – she/her), Vik Chi (drums – she/her) and Crayon Jones (guitar – he/him). The band met after posting handwritten classified ads on the instagram page @weformedaband, run by the band GURR. With a shared determination to makeContinue reading “New release – Go! Go! Go! (EP) by LOBSTERBOMB”

The Bucket Playlist’s interview with Interview with LOBSTERBOMB

Interview with LOBSTERBOMB: ‘The song gets bigger as it goes along, I love that’ by Sara Seddon at The Bucket Playlist Berlin-based indie garage rock trio, LOBSTERBOMB, woke us all up last month with their raw and dancey single ‘Wake Up’ and are gearing up to launch their debut EP around July. LOBSTERBOMB comprises Nico RoschContinue reading “The Bucket Playlist’s interview with Interview with LOBSTERBOMB”