In the spotlight: Morningside Lane

Morningside Lane is a five piece alternative/rock band from New Jersey consisting of Marc Del Giudice (lead vocals), Frankie P (bass), Brian Morelli (drums), Dennis Matusche (keyboard) and Brandon Broderick (lead guitar). The band was formed in 2009, but the lineup as changed over the years. How did the band get together? “The band membersContinue reading “In the spotlight: Morningside Lane”

In the spotlight – LEAVETAKING

LEAVETAKING is a pop songwriting duo currently based in NY and LA. Founding members Tony and Matt first began making music together in 2011. Tony moved out to Los Angeles and Matt remained in New Jersey. They remained close friends while pursuing individual careers in music. In 2020 they began writing and producing songs togetherContinue reading “In the spotlight – LEAVETAKING”

New Release – Broken Together by LEAVETAKING

LEAVETAKING is a pop songwriting team based in NY and LA. Founding members Tony and Matt, began making music together in 2011, when Tony was hired to produce an EP for Matt’s solo project. Their creative synergy was undeniable, and from that, a deep friendship and mutual appreciation emerged. Subsequently, Tony and Matt remained close friends whileContinue reading “New Release – Broken Together by LEAVETAKING”