In the Spotlight: The Cavs

The Cavs are a five-piece indie/rock band from Manchester (UK). The band was previously known as The Cavaliers, but after a couple of line up changes, they changed their name to The Cavs. The band currently comprises of Elliot Craven (vocals), James McAuley (rhythm guitar), Chris Terry (lead guitar), Michael Carney (bass) and Arthur TownsonContinue reading “In the Spotlight: The Cavs”

New Release – Music to My Madness by The Cavs

The Cavs are a five- piece indie rock band from Manchester, who’s sound has started to include subtle influence of synth/electronic aspects. Having played iconic Manchester venues such as Night and Day Cafe and Manchester Academy 3, The Cavs have picked up where they left off and embark on a new musical journey with aContinue reading “New Release – Music to My Madness by The Cavs”

The Bucket Playlist’s interview with The Chase

Interview with The Chase: ‘My aim for ‘Black Cloud’ was to keep it short, sweet and in your face’ by Sara Seddon at The Bucket Playlist Nottingham-based four piece indie rock band, The Chase, will bring out an acoustic session 4 track EP later this year, which will include acoustic versions of their released singles,Continue reading “The Bucket Playlist’s interview with The Chase”