New Release – Funeral of Life by Yana

Yana a singer/songwriter based in Brno (Czech Republic) with strong ties to Ireland. “Ireland is my home away from home, my happy place. All my recordings happen there and most of my performances as well. I write songs that can be described as atmospheric folk with Celtic influences, songs with deeper meaning, which goes downContinue reading “New Release – Funeral of Life by Yana”

New Release – Sometimes by Silva

Silva is a songwriter/musician from Meath (Ireland). He has been writing since he was a kid, but only got the time and means to record a few songs during lockdown. His music is best described as alt/indie rock/folk with an experimental edge. “My music should appeal to fans of The National, The Decemberists, Wilco, Pavement.Continue reading “New Release – Sometimes by Silva”

The Bucket Playlist’s interview with Interview with Rowdy Outsider

by Sara Seddon at The Bucket Playlist Interview with Rowdy Outsider: ‘It’s a song you can have a bit of fun with’ Drogheda, Ireland-based alt rock band Rowdy Outsider are still riding high on the success of their recent single, ‘Sunday Afternoon’, with their next single due out in June. Rowdy Outsider was formed threeContinue reading “The Bucket Playlist’s interview with Interview with Rowdy Outsider”

Just a review: Strand – Country that you came from

Thanks to internet and music streaming services we have an easy access to an endless source of music. As a teen I had to go to the recordshops. Spin all the new releases and spend my money on the best tracks. Kept searching. Always hungry for more good music. The yearly ‘Top100 Allertijden’ provided someContinue reading “Just a review: Strand – Country that you came from”