In the spotlight: Vandarth

At age 16, a friend gave Vandarth a copy of the first Foo Fighters album where Dave Grohl played every instrument himself, saying “I think you could make an album like this”. It was a pivotal moment for Vandarth; he was blown away and began to record his own solo album. Today Vandarth performs asContinue reading “In the spotlight: Vandarth”

New Release – I Think I’m Okay by Dusty Grant

Dusty Grant is a solo acoustic singer/songwriter turned hard rocker from Wichita (USA). After three years of releasing music and touring the Midwest as a solo act, Grant has found his stride with his full band. Set to release their third single of 2022, the band is constantly growing and evolving their polished hard rockContinue reading “New Release – I Think I’m Okay by Dusty Grant”