In the spotlight: Just Leo

Leo Düzey aka Just Leo (NL) released his self titled debut album in February 2021. The album was as written in a short period between 10th October 2019 and 9th December 2019. Signature sound on his album is an Irish Bouzouki. Leo grew up in Zutphen. He wrote his song ‘I Am Home’ about hisContinue reading “In the spotlight: Just Leo”

Just a review – That’s Alright by Just Leo, Ridvan Düzey

It’s been a while since we did just a small review of a single track. Mostly because we spend most time listening. We’re trying to keep up! “I Am Home” was the first single by Just Leo we shared with the listeners of the CoolTop20 earlier this year. In this single he shares his loveContinue reading “Just a review – That’s Alright by Just Leo, Ridvan Düzey”