New Release – Drag Me To Hell by VAN TASTIK

Choosing a suitcase for a bass drum and his trusty resophonic guitar VAN TASTIK, a one-man-band from Virginia based in Utrecht, hit the road in 2017, and has been winning over fans since he started this bohemian touring life playing the streets, bars, clubs and living room shows all over the globe. VAN’s debut singleContinue reading “New Release – Drag Me To Hell by VAN TASTIK”

In the spotlight: VAN TASTIK

VAN TASTIK is a one man blues band mixing blues, rock and american folk. He was born into a French-American family who travelled the world. VAN is currently based in the Netherlands. What can you tell us about yourself? “I go by VAN TASTIK, VAN, The Reverend VAN or The Rev. I’ve got a darkContinue reading “In the spotlight: VAN TASTIK”

New Release – HANGMAN by Van Tastik

Descended from noblemen, paupers, tradesmen and sailors – many of them shrouded in mystery; the Reverend Van’s music tells the tale of this darkness and turmoil – the highs and lows of a bohemian life packed into his suitcase, his guitar and his voice. We can expect a new tale on 12 February. How wouldContinue reading “New Release – HANGMAN by Van Tastik”