In the spotlight: Fisj

Fisj is a musician from a small village near Ghent, a beautiful middle-sized historical town in Flanders (Belgium). He used to play in various bands, but these days he’s only playing from home. The first time we heard from Fisj was when he released his song ‘Mellow Moon‘ and I’ve been wondering “who is Fisj?”Continue reading “In the spotlight: Fisj”

New Release – Beautiful Girl by Fisj

Fisj is a one-man-band from Melle near G(h)ent in Flanders/Belgium. He used to play with friends in various local bands, gigging in clubs and cafés across the country and doing some homemade and studio recordings. “After the break-up I continued to make music on my own, much as I had done since I was youngContinue reading “New Release – Beautiful Girl by Fisj”

New Release – A Call Came by Fisj

Belgian musician Fisj whose song ‘Mellow Moon‘ was in our chart, has released a new song ‘A Call Game‘ yesterday. “The song was inspired by the moment of my father’s passing, a few years ago. He had already been in a coma for several days. Then I got the telephone call, rushed over as fast asContinue reading “New Release – A Call Came by Fisj”