New Release – Fall On Your Sword by DrEw

DrEw has been releasing original music since May 2020. His new song ‘Fall On Your Sword‘ will be released on 27 February. “The song is an acoustic indie-alternative/indie-rock love song, which builds throughout to a big crescendo and cry for help!” “The song is about that friend we all have, who holds out for theContinue reading “New Release – Fall On Your Sword by DrEw”

In the spotlight: DrEw

DrEw is an unsigned, independent musician, originally from Manchester (UK). He now lives by the sea on the southeast coast, where he writes and records his music in his garden cabin-cum-studio. “I come to releasing music from a perhaps unusual place: I am 45 years old and have spent the last 20 years as anContinue reading “In the spotlight: DrEw”