New Release – Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K) by DEV!N

Dev!n will be releasing his second single ‘Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K.)‘ on 10 February. It is a beautiful break-up song, disguised as a love song. It describes the story of falling in love, the sometimes turbulent roller coaster of emotions that come with a relationship and those silent frustrations that can eventually culminate intoContinue reading “New Release – Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K) by DEV!N”

Best of 2020 – Dev!n

What was your most streamed song in 2020? My most streamed song of 2020 was my debut single, ‘No Regrets‘! Thanks for all the love and support on it! What’s your favourite song in the Cool 20 Hall of Fame? My favourite Hall of Fame song is ‘The People We Use To Be‘ by JulianContinue reading “Best of 2020 – Dev!n”

Just a review: No Regrets by Dev!n

In the new submissions list #5 we can find Devin Collins’ (aka Dev!n) single ‘No Regrets’. Dev!n was one of the founders of America’s first openly gay boyband Echo V., but apparently he has no regrets about leaving Echo V. When Mike first played this song I thought it was a new single by theContinue reading “Just a review: No Regrets by Dev!n”