New Release – Shout! by Dean Dovey

Dean Dovey is a singer/songwriter from the UK’s second city, Birmingham. He didn’t pick up a guitar until his early 30’s, but was full of inspiration from Noel Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft, Tom Petty and The Doors, to name a few. Dean creates symphonic anthems for the soul and mind. His new single ‘SHOUT!‘ will beContinue reading “New Release – Shout! by Dean Dovey”

In the spotlight – Lyon Tide

An Englishman, an Indian man and an Italian all walked into an art class at college. They messed around with a couple of paints, life drew a few nudes then decided to form a band and make music. Today they are known as Lyon Tide — an unsigned alternative pop/rock band from Birmingham (UK). TheyContinue reading “In the spotlight – Lyon Tide”