Spotify Playlist – Best of CoolTop20 2021

Musically, 2021 was a special year. Hardly any live performances, except online. But still we have discovered enough beautiful new music. Our favorite tracks can be found in this playlist. You will find all the songs that have been in the top20 in the past year. Sorted by the results in the chart. Here atContinue reading “Spotify Playlist – Best of CoolTop20 2021”

Chart Update 2021 wk37

New Release – Here To Stay by CAT DAD

CAT DAD is a singer/songwriter from California making a mixture of indie, lofi, and bedroom pop music. His new release is called ‘Here To Stay’, dropping September 3rd. Here’s the presave link! “The song is about finally being ready to commit to marriage after a long relationship. I was inspired to write this after fiveContinue reading “New Release – Here To Stay by CAT DAD”

Monthly Mixtape 2021-08

Yes! It’s good to know beautiful music can still be found. Try a little bit of indieness! We have selected these 100 tracks that were submitted to us in the month August 2021 (random order). Click the cassette to be directed to the Spotify Mixtape. Shoutout to all these artists! Featuring: Lisa Akuah, Harry Pane,Continue reading “Monthly Mixtape 2021-08”