Chart Update 2021 wk34

New Release – Seaside Town by Blake Sonnet

Blake Sonnet is a singer-songwriter from the UK. He’s always on the search for the magic that surrounds us and articulating it into a song. In 2021 he will be releasing a song every month. His new release is called ‘Seaside Town’. It will be out on August 30th. Here’s a link to pre-save. “TheContinue reading “New Release – Seaside Town by Blake Sonnet”

Chart Update 2021 wk33

Chart Update 2021 wk31

New release – Irene by Blake Sonnet

Blake Sonnet is a singer/songwriter from the UK, who will be releasing a new song every month during 2021. His new release ‘Irene‘ will be out on July 30th. “Feelings inspire me to write. If someone, something makes me feel something strongly then I want to write about it.” “This song is about loss, I think, andContinue reading “New release – Irene by Blake Sonnet”

Chart Update 2021 wk29