New Release – Hey There by SD Charlton

Shaun Charlton was born in Nottingham, but was raised and is still living in Lincolnshire. He has released two EPs and a solo album ‘Better Late Than Never’. His latest song ‘Hey There’ releases on 27th November. What inspired you to write ‘Hey There’? “I actually wrote this song for my band project but theContinue reading “New Release – Hey There by SD Charlton”

New Release – Head Shrinker by SD Charlton

SD Charlton (Lincolnshire, UK) has been in bands since his debut in 1986 with ‘Club 87’ at Harrisons on the seafront at Skegness. He also had a very successful period from 1996 – 2003 as a regular club circuit singer travelling all over the United Kingdom, playing in several excellent venues. He released his firstContinue reading “New Release – Head Shrinker by SD Charlton”

New Release – Better Late Than Never (album) by Shaun D Charlton

Shaun D Charlton lives in Lincolnshire (UK) with his partner of 35 years. His first foray into music was at the tender age of 16 and fronting his first band in 1986. Fast forward to 2020: after several bands, some tv appearances and a solo club career spanning almost a decade, Shaun decided to writeContinue reading “New Release – Better Late Than Never (album) by Shaun D Charlton”