In the spotlight: Andre Pettipas

Nova Scotia (Canada) based rock band Andre Pettipas and The Giants – the band name is a reference to former French wrestler André The Giant, released their sophomore album ‘No Fools No Fun’ in 2021. Lead singer Andre Pettipas will release a solo album later this year, which will also be keeping in the themeContinue reading “In the spotlight: Andre Pettipas”

New Release – Apocalypse by Andre Pettipas

Andre Pettipas is known as the frontman of ‘Grease Coast Rock N’ Roll’ band, Andre Pettipas and The Giants. Andre has been working on a collection of songs and collaborations that will be compiled at the end of the year to make his first solo record titled, ‘Dreja Vu.’ His first solo single ‘Apocalypse’ willContinue reading “New Release – Apocalypse by Andre Pettipas”