Monthly Mixtape 2022-03

Discover the best of independent artists! Here’s a selection of last months’ fresh indie music! If you are truly out on the search for new music, this is the mixtape for you. Here is our Spotify Mixtape for March 2022!

New Release – Kiss The Lights by Alex Paisley Stedman

Alex Paisley Stedman grew up in Austin, Texas, known as ‘Live Music Capital of the World’. She’d written songs her entire life but it took the pandemic of 2020 to realize it was time to start recording. With the help of her producer-father, Jim Stedman, the two set out to create a series of singlesContinue reading “New Release – Kiss The Lights by Alex Paisley Stedman”

Monthly Mixtape 2021-11

Out of the many tracks that were submitted to us last month we have again selected our most favourite 100 tracks (in random order). And to be honest…November was crazy. It was hard to pick only a handful of songs for a promotion to the CoolTop20 each week. Enjoy and discover the best of independentContinue reading “Monthly Mixtape 2021-11”