Discover New Music

Chart Playlists: We run a weekly chart with our selection of the best tracks. The chart archive can be found in our Hall of Fame playlist.

Frontline Playlists: All new music can be found in the Frontline playlists. Be the first to discover your tune here, sorted by genre! This is where artists submit their new music. Are you the one to discover the upcoming talents? The frontline playlists are updated frequently (first in first out)!

Catalogue Playlists: In the background we create catalogue playlists based on genre, mood or subject. Here you can discover more music easily. The Catalogue Playlists grow in time. (once in, never out).

Monthly Mixtape Playlists: There are just too many good songs to get them featured in our weekly chart. Each month we select the best 100 submissions for our Monthly Mixtape.

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