how it works

How to submit?

  1. submit via direct mail (twitter) – @cooltop20

New tracks can be submitted via a Direct Mail to Twitter account @cooltop20. All tracks are accepted as long as you follow the community rules. New tracks are added to the New Submissions playlists. There are multiple playlists, depending on the number of submissions. There is a maximum of 40 tracks in each playlist.

2. (experiment)

As an experiment it is also possible to submit your music via We ask you to follow our cooltop20, hall of fame and new submission playlist before you can submit. We refresh the cooltop20 on Saturdays only. All submissions are added to the new submissions playlist.

How to get listed in the submissions playlist:

  • You follow @cooltop20 (don’t panic if you can’t submit, just follow and we’ll follow back). Why: Because otherwise it is a crime to share updates and positive news with you.
  • If there is a free spot we will add your track to the playlist that fits best. And while we grow the number of submission playlists will probably grow with us. Let’s see how much we can handle. We listen all!

How to get listed in the COOL TOP20 Chart?

  • A top20 spot is not for sale. Your music just has to be good for our ears.
  • Each week we pick the best 3 to 6 tracks for the COOL TOP20. We will listen to all the new submissions.
  • If there is a difficult choice to make, we favor the track in the playlist that performs best (has the most streams) or the artist that is most supportive to the chart and its artists.

What we expect from you:

  • You are an independent artist.
  • One track per artist per playlist is allowed. An additional track is allowed in another playlist for as long as there are free spots left. You can ask us to replace a track as long as it is not in the top20.
  • You have a positive, inclusive and supportive attitude on social media (we will not check prior to the listing, but may notice).
  • You give our playlist a follow. More followers, means more attention. More attention means…
  • You stream the playlist once a day for as long as your track is in the playlist. At least try. This is only needed to build this platform and to let it grow. Once there are more listeners we hope we don’t have to ask the artists to stream each other.

Your music:

  • must be on spotify
  • must recently have been released (The cooltop20 is a frontline playlist, not a catalogue)
  • is yours (you are not submitting on behalf of a friend or artist)
  • is a single track (don’t ask us to pick one of the tracks from your album/EP, we will probably ignore you)

What do you get:

  • Daily streams from other COOL artists (up to 40 per day if we all do as promised).
  • a Spotify and Twitter follow from COOl TOP20 (would be nice if you give each other a follow to). We also follow back on Instagram and Facebook.
  • If your track is selected for the COOL TOP20 the track will also be added to the COOL TOP20 playlist. You then benefit from the exposure of the weekly chart. Besides this we will select one artist for our blog for even more exposure.
  • If your track is selected for the COOL TOP20 your musicvideo or lyrics video (no stills) will be added to our Youtube Channel.
  • Tracks that have made it to the COOL TOP20, even for just 1 week, will be added to the COOL20 Hall of Fame (catalogue) playlist. This will provide easy access to previous tracks to be discovered by our (future) listeners. The higher position the track reached in the chart, the higher the playlist position.
  • Each year we will select genre playlists with the best music we have found. E.g. a Indie Rock Cool Top20 with the 20 best Indie Rock tracks. This is how we build a catalogue.
  • If your track is not chosen for the COOL TOP20 after 5 weeks, it will probably not be selected for the COOLTOP20. Therefor it will be removed from the playlist after 5 weeks. Feel free to submit another track. You can even submit the same track if you want as long as it is not too old.


Not every submission will be listened to. There is simply to much to listen to. We can’t give you all a proper feedback. Every now and then we will provide a random shoutout and a small review.

Listen to the music and support each other!

Help each other out. Give the playlist a stream each day. This can add up to 40 streams per day. Like what you hear? A shoutout on twitter may help! It increases not only the changes of the track you liked, but also increases the change your song is listened to.

Our COOL TOP20 Ambitions

We don’t ask for money. If you do however feel like donating a coffee, we will certainly appreciate this. If you buy us a coffee, we will spend the amount donated on advertising campaigns on social media to attract more listeners to the COOL TOP20. Maybe one day we will be able to focus on creating…

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