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New Release – Sick Without You by Skylar Nevaeh

On February 12th Skylar Nevaeh will be releasing her new track ‘Sick Without You’. She chose this particular date for the release, because it’s her dad’s birthday. A pre-save link can be found here. “This song describes how you can miss someone you love when they are not around. Some people really experience a feelingContinue reading “New Release – Sick Without You by Skylar Nevaeh”

New Release – Top Of The World by Sugartown Slim

Sugartown Slim will be releasing a new single called ‘Top Of The World’ on 29th January. A link to pre-save can be found here.   “The inspiration for the song came from an unexpected number 1 Canadian chart position for ‘Catching Fireflies‘ that we unofficially released last year. It cheered us up a great deal!Continue reading “New Release – Top Of The World by Sugartown Slim”

New Release – Wrist Cutter Angel by KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus ft Kao

KOJI will be releasing a single for the first time in a year on 29 January. This is the first release with mainly Japanese lyrics. Another song with English lyrics will be released in February. KOJI had big plans for 2021, but since most events are cancelled or postponed, he’s taking the time to writeContinue reading “New Release – Wrist Cutter Angel by KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus ft Kao”

New Release – Through The Cracks by Dusty Grant

Dusty Grant’s new single will be released on 29 January. It’s called ‘Through The Cracks’ and you can pre-save it here. How would you describe your new single?  “Through The Cracks is quite possibly my darkest release to date. It’s a song I wrote when I was going through some very difficult times personally where IContinue reading “New Release – Through The Cracks by Dusty Grant”

New Release – People are Lonely by Pepe and the Bandits

Last Thursday Pepe and the Bandits released a new song, an instrumental called ‘People are Lonely‘. The song is about loneliness and isolation and the effects of lockdown. This release is slightly different from previous releases, it’s very trancy and chilled. “I was inspired by the sameday or blursday syndrome, where every day is theContinue reading “New Release – People are Lonely by Pepe and the Bandits”

New Release – Leaving the Dark by Skylar Nevaeh

Skylar Nevaeh’s new single ‘Leaving the Dark‘ was released on 8 January. The lyrics say: “leaving the darkness behind, starry nights are more bright”; meaning there are better times ahead. Do those lyrics have a special meaning to you? “To me the lyrics mean I should always believe darker days will pass and better daysContinue reading “New Release – Leaving the Dark by Skylar Nevaeh”

New Release – Reflections by 3Mind Blight ft. Sophie Dorsten

3Mind Blight & Sophie Dorsten have a new release dropping on January 16th! Sophie answered some questions about the upcoming release. “This single is different for me because it’s a different genre – not really sure what genre you’d call it, but it has elements of my ballad style with 3Mind Blight’s cool sound. IContinue reading “New Release – Reflections by 3Mind Blight ft. Sophie Dorsten”

Best of 2020 – Alameda Ash

What was your most streamed song in 2020? Most streamed song: ‘Kerosene Dream’. What’s your favourite song in the Cool 20 Hall of Fame? ‘Strange World’ – Sugar Parks What are your plans for 2021? In 2021 I’ll be releasing an EP. A really fun project with my band Big Fat Cat.


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