New Release – One Cannot Be Two by Alex Paisley Stedman

Alex Paisley Stedman vowed during lockdown that from here out, she’d record and release a new single every month. But quantity does not equal quality so she and her producer/dad: Jim Stedman endlessly scrutinize and debate to find the best selections to record from their writing sessions. The new single ‘One Cannot Be Two’ isContinue reading “New Release – One Cannot Be Two by Alex Paisley Stedman”

New Release – ‘A Little Piece Of Me’ by Brave New Broken Hearts Club

Brave New Broken Hearts Club is the vehicle for north London (UK) born songwriter and producer Neil Phillimore. Neil’s writing and producing skills for many years were put to use running a not-for-profit organisation, songwriting and recording for the wellbeing and mentoring of youth. The origins of his own creative project were simply the exercisingContinue reading “New Release – ‘A Little Piece Of Me’ by Brave New Broken Hearts Club”

New Release – Closer by The Frontier

The Frontier is a personal journey in the form of indie/rock, pop, and folk music. The Frontier was formed in 2015 by singer/songwriter Jake Mimikos. The band members have varied over the years. His songs have featured on NPR, Netflix, The CW, and MTV. The name of the new release is ‘Closer’ and the releaseContinue reading “New Release – Closer by The Frontier”

New Release – Oceans by Dusty Grant

Dusty Grant is an independent singer/songwriter based out of Wichita, KS. Grant has been writing, recording, and performing original music in bands and as a solo artist for over 20 years. Drawing influences from metal, rock, grunge, and country Grant and his band deliver their own brand of Dark Rock. “Oceans is the first songContinue reading “New Release – Oceans by Dusty Grant”

New Release – Alone by Lyon Tide

Lyon Tide are a three piece alternative pop rock band currently based out of Birmingham (UK). They met at art class whilst at college. Lyon Tide released their first album ‘Beginnings of Ends’ in 2021. ‘Alone’ is the first single from their second album due out later this year. What inspired you to write thisContinue reading “New Release – Alone by Lyon Tide”

New Release – 100 Doors by Joe Peacock

Joe Peacock is a prolific singer-songwriter from Birmingham (UK). Lockdown has made him write more songs than ever before. Joe released his second album ‘Before the robots told us where to go’ in December 2021. He’s hoping to release three different albums in 2022. The first single ‘100 Doors’ of his third album will beContinue reading “New Release – 100 Doors by Joe Peacock”

New Release – Museum of Brotherly Love by Pete Galub and Matt Kanelos

Pete Galub is a songwriter and guitarist from New York City. He has released two solo albums, and currently sings and plays guitar in the band Tape Hiss, which includes members of Sonic Youth, The Modern Lovers, and Arthur Russell’s band. On April 1st Pete will release ‘Museum of Brotherly Love’ which is a collaborationContinue reading “New Release – Museum of Brotherly Love by Pete Galub and Matt Kanelos”

New Release – Another Love Song by BlackSheepLad

Singer-songwriter Phil Mellen from North West England is BlackSheepLad. In the past Phil played and sang in various bands to little success, so he settled into a successful 25 year career in education. In March 2020 he became ill with Covid and this led to some ongoing health issues and redundancy. The period of imposedContinue reading “New Release – Another Love Song by BlackSheepLad”

New Release – Experiencer by Lucy Dreams

Lucy Dreams is a dreampop trio hailing from the cultural metropolis Vienna and consists of David Reiterer and Philipp Prueckl. Wait, trio? That is correct, because the essence of this band arises from a crystal ball that is seemingly enthroned above all their output. Lucy is an independent system of digital and analogue effects, whichContinue reading “New Release – Experiencer by Lucy Dreams”