New Release – Ooh yeah by Johnny & the Box

Johnny & the Box (UK) began as a recording experiment with the debut album ’15 Minutes’ in 2016. The sophomore album ‘Scapegoat‘ was released in 2020. ‘The Runaways‘ was released in 2021. “Having played, and recorded, music in various bands for many years, Johnny & the Box really started as my solo home recording experiment.Continue reading “New Release – Ooh yeah by Johnny & the Box”

New Release – Balls Out by Invisible Squirrel and Lewca

After Invisible Squirrel remixed one of Lewca’s songs earlier this year, they have now teamed up for ‘Balls Out’. The song is out 8th September. Lewca: “The squirrel and I have been chatting for a while on Twitter, he was kind enough to offer to do a remix of my tune ‘Broken Window’ that wasContinue reading “New Release – Balls Out by Invisible Squirrel and Lewca”

New Release – Hands on the Wheel by Riley Whittaker

Riley Whittaker is a 17 year old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, TN (USA). She is originally from Sedona, Arizona where she began writing songs at the age of 12. Riley moved to Nashville in 2020 to pursue music. She performs often throughout Nashville both solo and with her band. Riley has 10 originalContinue reading “New Release – Hands on the Wheel by Riley Whittaker”

New Release – Small Town Haunting by GHSTMDRN

GHST MDRN is the genre-defying instrumental project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Irwin (Canada). Ranging from post-rock to trip-hop to synthwave, he is adept at making film music for people who don’t like film music. GHST MDRN is gearing up for an album release ‘Dark Days and Neon Nights’ on 30th September. The first singleContinue reading “New Release – Small Town Haunting by GHSTMDRN”

New Release – Echoes (EP) by Blue Nation

Blue Nation are a three-piece band hailing from Birmingham (UK). They use riff based melodic bluesrock from a reservoir of influences, including the Beatles, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Brit Pop 90’s, more recently Rival Sons and Vintage Trouble, to create their memorable sound. Their four track EP ‘Echoes’ will be out (digitally) 2nd September. The physicalContinue reading “New Release – Echoes (EP) by Blue Nation”

New Release – Wig Game (EP) by Blokeacola

Welsh-born Blokeacola makes psychedelic indie pop. Blokeacola currently lives in Hangzhou (China). He released his debut single ‘Make It On Your Own’ in 2020. As befitting the colourful, intriguing music, Blokeacola immediately stood out from the crowd, not just in quirky name alone but also due to a striking persona, in short, the sporting ofContinue reading “New Release – Wig Game (EP) by Blokeacola”

New Release – Poetaster: A Miscellany (album) by The False Poets

Hailing from Durham (UK) the False Poets originally formed in the summer of 2012 by four fans of garage rock. They soon started writing their own material and put out a single and EP before disbanding in 2014. The band got back together in 2018 with the intention of focusing on their own songs. TheyContinue reading “New Release – Poetaster: A Miscellany (album) by The False Poets”

New Release – Way to Me by Nick Kizirnis

For almost 20 years Ohio (USA) based guitarist/songwriter Nick Kizirnis has explored songs and styles ranging from Americana to pop and from rock’n’roll to experimental. His new single ‘Way to Me’ re-imagines Nick Kizirnis’s moody indie Americana vibes. Singer Kate Wakefield’s (Lung) lush, dreamy vocals evoke a fever dream while Mark Patterson (Son Volt) manipulatedContinue reading “New Release – Way to Me by Nick Kizirnis”

New Release – Reap what you sow by Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith is a singer-songwriter from Hampshire (UK). “My name might be common but my style is alternative. My sound is chillingly sweet, raw, and emotive in keeping my honest approach of recording with no unnecessary effects. Focusing on chords and melody above all else. I’m proud of my music, not because it’s perfect butContinue reading “New Release – Reap what you sow by Charlie Smith”