New Release – Always Darkest Before The Dawn (album) by GHST MDRN

GHST MDRN is a multi-instrumentalist music producer making cinematic post-rock. His new album ‘Always Darkest Before The Dawn’ was released yesterday. The album also features his previously released singles ‘The Depths’ and ‘Into the Aether’. Is this release different from your previous releases? “Some of it has a similar vibe to some of my firstContinue reading “New Release – Always Darkest Before The Dawn (album) by GHST MDRN”

New Release – Journey Into The Night by Jay Tennant

Vision. Passion. Melody. Music as a way of life. This is the world of Jay Tennant, an enigmatic singer-songwriter from the English heartlands. Walking the tightrope between the bleak and the beautiful, Jay Tennant wraps heart-tugging existential drama into thrilling widescreen epics with sky-scraping choruses. Exhilarating recent singles ‘Spectre’ and ‘Star City Serenade’ are aContinue reading “New Release – Journey Into The Night by Jay Tennant”

New Release – Infected Empire (album) by GHOST

GHOST’s new album ‘Infected Empire’ comes out October 22nd. Expect 45 minutes of catchy riffs, filthy power chords, and dirty grooves. If you like heavy rock, catchy riffs, and foot stomping rhythms then this album is for you! “I’ve been writing and recording music for around 20 years now and GHOST is my latest musicalContinue reading “New Release – Infected Empire (album) by GHOST”

New Release – Bear With Us (album) by Red Dirt Skinners

With male and female harmonies blending together as one voice and Sarah’s trademark soprano saxophone solos, you will be swept along by the refreshingly different sound of the Red Dirt Skinners. Red Dirt Skinners won countless awards in the UK and spanned several genres before capturing the attention of the Canadian music press in 2015.Continue reading “New Release – Bear With Us (album) by Red Dirt Skinners”

New Release – On The Other side by The Frontier

The Frontier was formed by Jake Mimikos and is a personal journey in the form of indie/rock, pop, and folk music. His new track ‘On The Other Side’ was released today. “I think stylistically the song captures the vibes of the last few songs I’ve released. I’ve been focussing a bit more on that lately.Continue reading “New Release – On The Other side by The Frontier”

New Release – The Doubters Dance (EP) by Iona James and Clint Slate

Iona James (nurse, singer/songwriter, trying to do something she loves) and Clint Slate (singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist) released their EP ‘The Silent Sea’ in June 2021. On October 15th they will be releasing another EP together called ‘The Doubters Dance’ containing 4 tracks: ‘Firefly’, ‘Enough’, ‘Summer’ and ‘Shot in the Dark’. Here’s what Iona hadContinue reading “New Release – The Doubters Dance (EP) by Iona James and Clint Slate”

New Release – Holding On For My Life (EP) by Harry J Hart

Starting 2021 with a slot at Jungle Love Festival and Canada Music Week, Gold Coast teenager Harry J Hart has drawn attention from around the globe for his unique songwriting, vocal and guitar skills. This year has seen him drop several pop rock singles in the lead up to his debut EP ‘Holding On ForContinue reading “New Release – Holding On For My Life (EP) by Harry J Hart”

New Release – Dear Diary (album) by Demi Michelle album

Heartfelt, charismatic and unique are three words used by reviewers to describe Demi Michelle’s music. She turns her life experiences into songs that touch the hearts of her listeners through captivating storytelling in her lyrics. Her creativity and love for both pop and country music drive her passion for writing meaningful songs with melodies thatContinue reading “New Release – Dear Diary (album) by Demi Michelle album”

New Release – Target by Sean Buckley and Chris James Willows

Sean Buckley and Chris James Willows released their first collaboration ‘Pull‘ in July and they have another one coming up on October 15th. Sean wrote the music and Chris wrote the lyrics. I spoke to Chris about the upcoming release. “When I first heard Sean’s track ‘Carriage’. It was immediately obvious I could write vocalContinue reading “New Release – Target by Sean Buckley and Chris James Willows”