New Release – Wig Game (EP) by Blokeacola

Welsh-born Blokeacola makes psychedelic indie pop. Blokeacola currently lives in Hangzhou (China). He released his debut single ‘Make It On Your Own’ in 2020. As befitting the colourful, intriguing music, Blokeacola immediately stood out from the crowd, not just in quirky name alone but also due to a striking persona, in short, the sporting ofContinue reading “New Release – Wig Game (EP) by Blokeacola”

New Release – Poetaster: A Miscellany (album) by The False Poets

Hailing from Durham (UK) the False Poets originally formed in the summer of 2012 by four fans of garage rock. They soon started writing their own material and put out a single and EP before disbanding in 2014. The band got back together in 2018 with the intention of focusing on their own songs. TheyContinue reading “New Release – Poetaster: A Miscellany (album) by The False Poets”

In the spotlight: Storm of Crows

Storm of Crows is a three-piece rock band based in Sheffield and Stockport (UK). The band members Paul Coates (guitars, vocals, synthesiser), Matt Kik (guitars, vocals, MIDI drums) and Jimmy Medway (bass guitar, vocals) were originally in various bands at the end of the 90s. They reformed during the Covid-19 lockdown to record some ofContinue reading “In the spotlight: Storm of Crows”

New Release – Way to Me by Nick Kizirnis

For almost 20 years Ohio (USA) based guitarist/songwriter Nick Kizirnis has explored songs and styles ranging from Americana to pop and from rock’n’roll to experimental. His new single ‘Way to Me’ re-imagines Nick Kizirnis’s moody indie Americana vibes. Singer Kate Wakefield’s (Lung) lush, dreamy vocals evoke a fever dream while Mark Patterson (Son Volt) manipulatedContinue reading “New Release – Way to Me by Nick Kizirnis”

New Release – Reap what you sow by Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith is a singer-songwriter from Hampshire (UK). “My name might be common but my style is alternative. My sound is chillingly sweet, raw, and emotive in keeping my honest approach of recording with no unnecessary effects. Focusing on chords and melody above all else. I’m proud of my music, not because it’s perfect butContinue reading “New Release – Reap what you sow by Charlie Smith”

New Release – Liquid Crystal Daydreams (album) by Electron Odyssey

Electron Odyssey is Jeff Spoonhower, an award-winning musician, composer, and producer. His music is inspired by 80s synth-driven pop, progressive rock, synth wave and cinematic scores. For 20 years, he has worked as an art director, animator, and sound designer in the video game industry (BioShock, Uncharted, Borderlands, Saints Row series, and more). Jeff’s 2021Continue reading “New Release – Liquid Crystal Daydreams (album) by Electron Odyssey”

In the spotlight: Robi Mitch

Indie rock singer/songwriter Robi Mitch’s dreamy yet groovy sound is inspired by 70s psychedelia and 90s mixtapes, along with his experiences as a session musician in Taiwan. In 2021 he moved from his hometown of Bristol (UK) to Cornwall and is now based in Penryn. He released his debut album ‘Our Year’ in January 2020Continue reading “In the spotlight: Robi Mitch”

New Release – Wait for You by Mark Murdock

Mark Murdock is originally from Telford (UK), but is currently living in South Shields. Stories of love, life, loss and friendship pour out of his songs through lyrics that have an honesty and charm. Mark has the ability to craft songs that stay with you and there are many more stories to come. His nextContinue reading “New Release – Wait for You by Mark Murdock”

New Release – Pulsar by Springworks

Springworks is a band named after an auto parts shop in Canada. The band consists of two members: Ryan Rollinson and David Beaman. They’ve been playing music from the day they met in a vocal choir class that Ryan was taking and David came in to drop out of. “We met in high school. AfterContinue reading “New Release – Pulsar by Springworks”