New Release – Red Skies by Sophie Dorsten

I don’t think Sophie Dorsten needs any introduction…most of her songs ended up in our chart. Will her new track ‘Red Skies‘ one also make the chart? “This song is about me knowing who I am and not letting anyone else tell me differently.” “Like my last couple of songs, this one was recorded inContinue reading “New Release – Red Skies by Sophie Dorsten”

New Release – Slaves of the Rhythm by Chenél No.1

Chenel no. 1 is a songwriter from South Africa, who’s branching out her musical ideas into new genres she hasn’t explored before. “I am married with three children and work full time as an operations manager. My musical aspirations are pursued whenever I have a moment and I try to be as consistent in honingContinue reading “New Release – Slaves of the Rhythm by Chenél No.1”

In the spotlight: Grace can’t play guitar

Grace can’t play guitar are Chris Payne and Mick Tyler, two friends from Brighton who collaborated on various music projects together and gave it a spin for a whole new non-genre specific sound. For this spotlight I had a chat with Chris, the songwriter of the band. In the late 80s you played in anContinue reading “In the spotlight: Grace can’t play guitar”

New Release – Your High is Overrated by Kromatix

Kromatix is Matthew Isaacs. You might remember him from his song ‘Fruit Loops‘. Kromatix is a lover of all music, but a heavy consumer of anything soul! “I have a serious craving for music. Whether it be consuming it, writing or producing it, performing it! You name it! I was that kid who used toContinue reading “New Release – Your High is Overrated by Kromatix”

New Release – Melancholy Songs of the Caged Bird (album) by ROJOR

ROJOR is an indie singer-songwriter from North East England, who operates decidedly under the radar. In a society obsessed with celebrity this northern lad has quietly built up a strong reputation and a loyal band of followers via his talent for crafting beautifully written, intelligent and radio friendly songs. His album ‘Melancholy Songs of theContinue reading “New Release – Melancholy Songs of the Caged Bird (album) by ROJOR”

New Release – Cola by Ronan Williams

Ronan Williams is a 14 year old singer / songwriter from Norfolk (UK), who released his first single in October 2020. He will be releasing a new song ‘Cola’ tomorrow. “This song is about falling for a girl who doesn’t feel the same way and basically breaks my heart.” “It was recorded and mixed atContinue reading “New Release – Cola by Ronan Williams”

New Release – One by One by Dizzy Panda

Dizzy Panda are a producers duo from The Netherlands. They don’t stick to a specific genre and like to blend genres with a touch of psychedelic (Dizzy) or retro (Panda) influences. Like all panda’s they have a dark and a bright side… Their new single ‘One by One’ is a retro funky tune and hitsContinue reading “New Release – One by One by Dizzy Panda”

New Release – Drag Me To Hell by VAN TASTIK

Choosing a suitcase for a bass drum and his trusty resophonic guitar VAN TASTIK, a one-man-band from Virginia based in Utrecht, hit the road in 2017, and has been winning over fans since he started this bohemian touring life playing the streets, bars, clubs and living room shows all over the globe. VAN’s debut singleContinue reading “New Release – Drag Me To Hell by VAN TASTIK”