New Release – Broken Together by LEAVETAKING

LEAVETAKING is a pop songwriting team based in NY and LA. Founding members Tony and Matt, began making music together in 2011, when Tony was hired to produce an EP for Matt’s solo project. Their creative synergy was undeniable, and from that, a deep friendship and mutual appreciation emerged. Subsequently, Tony and Matt remained close friends whileContinue reading “New Release – Broken Together by LEAVETAKING”

New Release – I Had a Dream About You, Honey by Fleurr

Fleurr is a singer- songwriter from Shropshire (UK). She started to create music in 2018, but has had a very strong interest in music all her life. “I love to create a story and set a scene in my songs. Creating a world for either people to relate to or see something from a differentContinue reading “New Release – I Had a Dream About You, Honey by Fleurr”

New Release – A Clearing In The Woods by Blake Sonnet

Blake Sonnet is a songwriter singer, always on the search for the magic that surrounds us and articulating it into a song. He will release a new song every month during 2021. His newest release ‘A Clearing In The Woods’ will be out on Thursday 22nd April. Here’s a link to pre-save. “I would say that thisContinue reading “New Release – A Clearing In The Woods by Blake Sonnet”

New Release – Ordinary Man by NorthWoods Soul

NorthWoods Soul is the music project name for Michael Holmes. Michael Holmes is an English singer/songwriter creating music with meaning. In 2016 the death of his brother spurred him to take action. The result was the writing, recording and release of his debut album ‘Garage Demos’. Holmes has collaborated online with musicians from around theContinue reading “New Release – Ordinary Man by NorthWoods Soul”

In the spotlight: Jack Francis

Jack Francis is a Southampton (UK) based Americana/folk singer-songwriter. “I grew up in Southampton, which is on the South coast of the UK. I’ve always enjoyed the local music scene here – there were lots of venues when I was growing up and there still are a few good ones. I’ve met many close friends onContinue reading “In the spotlight: Jack Francis”

New release – Cash That by Dev!n

Dev!n aka Devin Collins, is a well rounded performer who is actively living out his dreams in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. His current repertoire consist of appearances in television, film & music video productions with artists such as Todrick Hall, Ben Affleck, Ariana Grande, and more. Collins released his debut single ‘No Regrets‘Continue reading “New release – Cash That by Dev!n”

New Release – SSSSSH! by Dizzy Panda

Dutch producer duo Dizzy Panda are back with another release. Their single “Turn off the Light” reached #14 in the Cool Top 20 in January. “SSSSSH!” is the new Dizzy Panda track. “We came across this picture of Boris Johnson and thought it was a perfect fit for this track. The year 2020 will beContinue reading “New Release – SSSSSH! by Dizzy Panda”

New Release – Another Day by Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey’s first two singles ‘Breadline‘ & ‘Nowhere‘ are bluesy, grunge inspired rock. Both tracks seek to vent the pressure cooker of emotions felt by those left behind in modern Britain. His third release ‘Miracle‘ was an optimistic love song in a time we all need a little cheer. His fourth release ‘Another Day’ willContinue reading “New Release – Another Day by Brass Monkey”

In the spotlight: The Frontier

The Frontier are an unsigned indie-pop/alt rock band from the Washington D.C. area. The Frontier is the brainchild of Jake Mimikos, who formed the project in 2016. After years of playing in different bands he felt ready for a solo project he could control completely. Jake describes his younger self as a “pretty lonely and weird kid” that “naturally just gravitatedContinue reading “In the spotlight: The Frontier”