New Release – HANGMAN by Van Tastik

Descended from noblemen, paupers, tradesmen and sailors – many of them shrouded in mystery; the Reverend Van’s music tells the tale of this darkness and turmoil – the highs and lows of a bohemian life packed into his suitcase, his guitar and his voice. We can expect a new tale on 12 February. How wouldContinue reading “New Release – HANGMAN by Van Tastik”

New Release – That’s When You Blew My Mind by Postindustrial Poets

The Postindustrial Poets like to sing songs that tell stories. A new story will unfold on 12 February, ‘That’s When You Blew My Mind‘. What can we expect from this next chapter? “The song is about love, travel and transcendent moments. And it is about the sounds maybe more than anything we have released inContinue reading “New Release – That’s When You Blew My Mind by Postindustrial Poets”

New Release – Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K) by DEV!N

Dev!n will be releasing his second single ‘Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K.)‘ on 10 February. It is a beautiful break-up song, disguised as a love song. It describes the story of falling in love, the sometimes turbulent roller coaster of emotions that come with a relationship and those silent frustrations that can eventually culminate intoContinue reading “New Release – Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K) by DEV!N”

New Release – A Call Came by Fisj

Belgian musician Fisj whose song ‘Mellow Moon‘ was in our chart, has released a new song ‘A Call Game‘ yesterday. “The song was inspired by the moment of my father’s passing, a few years ago. He had already been in a coma for several days. Then I got the telephone call, rushed over as fast asContinue reading “New Release – A Call Came by Fisj”

New Release – High Vibrations by the John Michie Collective

On 12 February we can expect the release of the debut album by The John Michie Collective, an album with 14 tracks of indie wonky psychedelia. How would you describe the album? “This is a great question. I think I would say that the album is quite joyous. There’s a lot of great words/sound texturesContinue reading “New Release – High Vibrations by the John Michie Collective”

New Release – Orchid by Rose Alaimo

Rose Alaimo is a one-lady band based in Ithaca, New York (USA). Her new single, Orchid, scheduled for release on 9 February, was originally recorded 19 years prior! What can you tell us about ‘Orchid’? “I indeed recorded the song originally 19 years ago, and it features a much younger me on lead vocals andContinue reading “New Release – Orchid by Rose Alaimo”

In the spotlight – Lyon Tide

An Englishman, an Indian man and an Italian all walked into an art class at college. They messed around with a couple of paints, life drew a few nudes then decided to form a band and make music. Today they are known as Lyon Tide — an unsigned alternative pop/rock band from Birmingham (UK). TheyContinue reading “In the spotlight – Lyon Tide”

New Release – Actions Speak Louder by The 95 Allstars

The 95 Allstars are an indie band from Surrey. Their song ‘These Words’ can be found in our New Submissions #3 playlist. They’ve released a new track ‘Actions Speak Louder’ this Monday. “The song is an Indie Rock classic, with power, energy and a full on BPM. With the swooping yet intricate guitars, hard assContinue reading “New Release – Actions Speak Louder by The 95 Allstars”

New Release – Don’t Look Up, Don’t Look Down by Bertolf

Bertolf, full name Bertolf Lentink, is a Dutch singer-songwriter singing in English. His repertoire varies from 60s and 70s influenced pop to Americana and roots music. His early days as a singer-songwriter by the end of the noughties coincided with the job of multi-instrumentalist in Ilse DeLange’s (country pop) band. As a solo artist heContinue reading “New Release – Don’t Look Up, Don’t Look Down by Bertolf”