New Release – Low Tide by Lightbringer

Lightbringer is the project from the mind of Trevor Meyer, who is also the vocalist and guitarist and for the Cleveland, Ohio band, The Jobs. About Lightbringer: “It is largely about songs meandering between 1st and 3rd person perspective to communicate emotion, tell stories, and audibly depict human psychology. Atmospheric and ethereal soundscapes partner withContinue reading “New Release – Low Tide by Lightbringer”

New Release – A View Like You by Rī Wolf

Rī Wolf has consistently pushed out singles every month since October 2020 and is gaining steam quickly. With new singles being released monthly, 2021 proves to be a springboard for Rī’s music career. His new single ‘A View Like You‘ will be released on May 3rd. “I wrote this song about 3-4 months ago while visitingContinue reading “New Release – A View Like You by Rī Wolf”

New Release – True Crime Country by Orson’s Well

Orson’s Well was formed in 2000 by a group of actors at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, bringing together an eclectic combination of classic rock, blues, and vocal harmonies mixed with a modern style. Sponsored by Jagermeister, Orson’s Well developed a loyal following in Chicago. In 2001, the band released its album, Serve The Verve,Continue reading “New Release – True Crime Country by Orson’s Well”

New Release – Don’t Make Me Wait by Angelica Mode

Angelica Mode is the project of songwriter Brian Hughes, formed in early 2020. Brian has spent the 7 years since honing his craft both in the studio and live, including opening for The Amazons along the way. He releases his new single, ‘Don’t Make Me Wait‘ on 30th April. He has an EP planned laterContinue reading “New Release – Don’t Make Me Wait by Angelica Mode”

New Release – Parasites by Gefahrgeist

Gefahrgeist combines the different musical expertise of two of Scotland’s most promising young musicians – Fiona Liddell & Niall Rae.  Fiona Liddell is a singer-songwriter from Glasgow with a ten year music career performing with various musical projects. Niall (Neel) Rae is a producer and bassist from Aberdeen. Their debut single ‘Graceless’ was one of TheContinue reading “New Release – Parasites by Gefahrgeist”

New Release – Keep Dreaming by Charu Suri

Charu Suri was born in South India and has been a concert pianist since she was nine years old. She came to the United Stated for college and has been making a name for herself in the jazz community ever since. Her new release ‘Keep Dreaming‘ will be out on April 30th. What inspired youContinue reading “New Release – Keep Dreaming by Charu Suri”

New Release – Different From You by DrEw

DrEw is an independent musician from Manchester (UK), who now resides on the South East Coast where he writes and records his music in his home studio. ‘Different From You’ will be his 6th single in 12 months, and will be followed by his first EP in summer 2021. ‘Different From You’ will be releasedContinue reading “New Release – Different From You by DrEw”

In the spotlight: The Electorate

The Electorate is Eliot Fish, Nick Kennedy and Josh Morris from Sydney. “Eliot usually plays the bass. Nick usually plays the drums and Josh usually plays the guitar. We all sing.” Eliot and Josh went to high school together and formed a band called The Templebears. After school they gigged around for a few yearsContinue reading “In the spotlight: The Electorate”

New Release – Shout! by Dean Dovey

Dean Dovey is a singer/songwriter from the UK’s second city, Birmingham. He didn’t pick up a guitar until his early 30’s, but was full of inspiration from Noel Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft, Tom Petty and The Doors, to name a few. Dean creates symphonic anthems for the soul and mind. His new single ‘SHOUT!‘ will beContinue reading “New Release – Shout! by Dean Dovey”