New Release – All Night by Shadow of Light feat. Spitholic and Charlie Sanderson

Raised in Wolverhampton (UK), Shadow of Light was part of the emerging UK Garage scene in the late 90s. He was a DJ on 106.3 Frontline FM, and the passion for the genre has never faded. Emersed by UK Garage, hip hop and jungle from an early age, Shadow of Light’s productions have echoes ofContinue reading “New Release – All Night by Shadow of Light feat. Spitholic and Charlie Sanderson”

New Release – A Dream For A Dream by The North Rocks Music

The North Rocks, a solo musician from North Holland (the Netherlands), creates an unique blend of upbeat alternative rock. Fed up with a boring career in 2020, The North Rocks decided to full-time channel his energy through music. While blending 70’s punk rock with 90’s punk and alternative rock, he created a vast catalogue ofContinue reading “New Release – A Dream For A Dream by The North Rocks Music”

In the spotlight: Shayan Regan

Shayan Regan is a 22-year old singer/songwriter originally from the United Kingdom, who is currently living in Florence (Italy). From a young age, he found solace in a variety of artists and songwriters particularly focusing on genres such as pop, indie, singer/songwriter, acoustic and folk, which contributed to him shaping his own identity as aContinue reading “In the spotlight: Shayan Regan”

New Release: Dream Producer by Eenian Dreams

Eenian Dreams is a new indie project making dreamy electronic music. It was founded in 2021 by the two members Pauliina (vocals) and T. C. Newman (synths and producing). Both live in a small countryside town in South-Western Finland and had known each other for years before their musical paths crossed by a lucky chance.Continue reading “New Release: Dream Producer by Eenian Dreams”

New Release – Nice To Me by The Whistling Cyclist

Steven Andrews, a retired Engineer from Scotland, has two passions music and cycling, hence the name The Whistling Cyclist. “I’ve been playing piano and violin since I was young. As a teenager I started playing guitar and was in a couple of bands! Started an apprenticeship and life got in the way and of courseContinue reading “New Release – Nice To Me by The Whistling Cyclist”

New Release – Take Me Down by Odd Wall ft. Azuma

Doncaster (UK) based Odd Wall has teamed up with singer/songwriter Azuma on this vocal drum & bass anthem ‘Take Me Down’ which will be out on April 29th. What’s ‘Take Me Down’ about? “It’s is about life and when you feel like it’s falling apart. When you have all that noise in your head tryingContinue reading “New Release – Take Me Down by Odd Wall ft. Azuma”

New Release – Saturday Mornin’ by Collective Music Society

Collective Music Society is a collective of songwriters, musicians and producers, with a complete mix of styles and influences – including rock, folk, pop, hip-hop and EDM. “We formed in the summer of 2021, joining together to make music that we love and to share it with people who love music. There are eleven creativesContinue reading “New Release – Saturday Mornin’ by Collective Music Society”

In the spotlight: Lunar Plexus

Lunar Plexus are Devon (UK) based Indie duo John Saddler and Reuben Ayres who have previously played in various bands – separately and together – across various genres. They first came together musically around 2000 in a band called Reflux which played various pubs, clubs, parties and weddings in and around Exeter. Reub: “We cameContinue reading “In the spotlight: Lunar Plexus”

New Release – Better Late Than Never (album) by Shaun D Charlton

Shaun D Charlton lives in Lincolnshire (UK) with his partner of 35 years. His first foray into music was at the tender age of 16 and fronting his first band in 1986. Fast forward to 2020: after several bands, some tv appearances and a solo club career spanning almost a decade, Shaun decided to writeContinue reading “New Release – Better Late Than Never (album) by Shaun D Charlton”