In the spotlight: Marveline

Marveline is the eclectic solo project of Pete Marley, who also plays in a band called Nature Strip. He was born in England, but his family emigrated to Australia when he was very young. Pete Marley is currently living in Sydney, Australia. “I’ve lived in London a couple of times. It was great, so muchContinue reading “In the spotlight: Marveline”

New Release – Can’t (SadBoi Anthem) by Alvinos Zavlis

UK-based electronic music producer Alvinos Zavlis writes, records, produces, mixes and masters songs for himself and other artists. His songs ‘Sexy pasta & Korean Film‘ and ‘Wampakacha‘ were in our chart. His new track ‘Can’t (SadBoi Anthem)‘ will be out on March 12. “This song is about coming to the realization that you are completely obsessed withContinue reading “New Release – Can’t (SadBoi Anthem) by Alvinos Zavlis”

New Release – What if I Never Met You by Melisa Mia and Thiago Trosso

Melisa Mia is a Singer-Songwriter by the Sea, writing in many genres and styles both in solo and collaborative work. Melisa Mia writes songs about the people around her. She released two singles ‘Passing People‘ and ‘Old Friend‘. On 12 March her new track will be released. Here’s a link to pre-save. What can youContinue reading “New Release – What if I Never Met You by Melisa Mia and Thiago Trosso”

New Release – Get Down by Fonz Tramontano ft. PWasy

Fonz Tramontano is an independent synth music artist / producer from Sheffield UK. His new track ‘Get Down‘ will be released on 5 March. “The song is a House / EDM track. It song was inspired by watching some video footage of Ibiza and the clubs there. I wanted to recreate the feeling of danceContinue reading “New Release – Get Down by Fonz Tramontano ft. PWasy”

New Release – 11:11 by Skylar Nevaeh

The name of Skylar Nevaeh’s upcoming release is 11:11. It will be released March 5th. This is the link to pre-save the song. ​ “This song is about wishing and believing the wish will come true. It’s the same as the law of attraction, imagining something that you really want to happen or have andContinue reading “New Release – 11:11 by Skylar Nevaeh”

In the spotlight: VAN TASTIK

VAN TASTIK is a one man blues band mixing blues, rock and american folk. He was born into a French-American family who travelled the world. VAN is currently based in the Netherlands. What can you tell us about yourself? “I go by VAN TASTIK, VAN, The Reverend VAN or The Rev. I’ve got a darkContinue reading “In the spotlight: VAN TASTIK”

New Release – You Might Regret by Dizzy Panda

Dizzy Panda is back with a new single. ‘You Might Regret’ is the follow-up of their Cool Top 20 track ‘Turn off the Light‘. “The new single is somewhat dark. The track is based on a true story where a young girl spends a night out with a couple and was found dead the otherContinue reading “New Release – You Might Regret by Dizzy Panda”

New Release – Through the Sand by Daniel Tidwell

‘Through The Sand‘ was released today. What can you tell us about your new release? “The song is about having people to lean on in trying times, and being that person for others in their times of greatest need.” “The music started as a theory project, and an attempt to create two linked chord progressions thatContinue reading “New Release – Through the Sand by Daniel Tidwell”

New Release – The Stories of Others EP (Part 2) by Chasing Records

The Stories of Others EP (Part 1) was released January 22, 2021. Part 2 will be released on February 26. Here’s what Chasing Records had to say about their new EP. “This EP is definitely more up-tempo than our last and possibly more radio friendly, especially our single ‘Who’s Lonely Now?‘ which came out February 19th.”Continue reading “New Release – The Stories of Others EP (Part 2) by Chasing Records”