New Release – Orla the Octopus by Vix20

Vix 20 are Mills and CJ, two music industry veterans who grew disillusioned with the music industry walking away vowing not to return. In 2019 they returned with first release in ten years ‘Digital Age‘. They have released several successful singles since. Vix20 will release a new track ‘Orla the Octopus’ on 24th September. CJContinue reading “New Release – Orla the Octopus by Vix20”

New Release – Silver Lines by Lucy Dreams

Lucy Dreams is a sci-fi-pop trio hailing from the cultural metropolis Vienna consisting of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl. Wait, trio? That is correct, because the essence of this band arises from a crystal ball that is seemingly enthroned above all their output. Lucy is an independent system of digital and analogue effects, which wasContinue reading “New Release – Silver Lines by Lucy Dreams”

New Release – Mellow Moon (EP) by Fisj

Fisj is a one-man-band from Melle near Ghent in Flanders (Belgium). He used to play in various local bands, gigging in clubs and cafes across the country and doing some small-scale homemade and studio recordings. After the break-up he continued to make music on his own. Fisj released his first single ‘Mellow Moon’ in 2020.Continue reading “New Release – Mellow Moon (EP) by Fisj”

In the spotlight: Fendahlene

Fendahlene was formed in Sydney in late 1994 by Paul Whiteley, Ashley Hurst and Ben Felton. After a long run as a live act round Sydney, with two albums and two EPs under their belt, Fendahlene relocated to Europe in 2006 and both Paul and Ashley ended up living in England. After a break theyContinue reading “In the spotlight: Fendahlene”

New Release – Do or Die by Sofia Nunzia

Sofia Nunzia is a 14-year-old singer-songwriter who has been making music since before she started speaking. She lived in the southern United States for most of her life before relocating to New England in 2019. Unique among teen singer-songwriters, her music style can best be classified as “nostalgia country music”, with influences from 1990s countryContinue reading “New Release – Do or Die by Sofia Nunzia”

New Release – Combinations V.2 by Another Heavy Summer

Another Heavy Summer are a groove metal band, born in 2019, and formed by Pietro Blanca (guitar/bass) and Fabrizio Trovato (drums). The two members are based in the UK and Italy, combining old and modern styles of rock and metal – influences span from Killswitch Engage to Pantera to Testament. On 17th September Another HeavyContinue reading “New Release – Combinations V.2 by Another Heavy Summer”

Favourite Five: Lyon Tide

What’s your favourite song from our Hall of Fame? “Oh, OK, you’re kicking straight off with the impossible questions; there are a so many great artists we’ve discovered through the CoolTop20 on so many different levels, HOL, Sophie Dorsten, Lewca, Nomden, we could fill the page listing them but one of the tracks that reallyContinue reading “Favourite Five: Lyon Tide”

New Release – Starlight by Sophie Janna

Dutch Sophie Janna is an Amsterdam based songwriter who learned her craft while living in Edinburgh (Scotland). With her duo The Lasses, she toured all around the world, playing mostly old songs from Ireland, Scotland and America. In 2021 she finally releases an EP ‘Wide World’ with original songs, inspired by and rooted in theContinue reading “New Release – Starlight by Sophie Janna”

New Release – Ain’t No Place To Hide by Craig Gould

September 15th will see the release of Craig Gould’s debut single ‘Ain’t No Place To Hide’ – a spellbinding and virtuous Folk/Americana anthem that is guaranteed to have you singing along! Lyrically challenging societies acceptance with the status quo, ‘Ain’t No Place To Hide’ is an inspirationally rich and distinct singalong tale that will leaveContinue reading “New Release – Ain’t No Place To Hide by Craig Gould”