Monthly updated chart with the best albums created by independent artists. All genres. Selected from the albums that featured in the release talks and whatever we came across. Suggestions are always welcome (DM our twitter account).

18⇑After a silent disaster The Vain Travail πŸ†’ 202131
22β‡’Panic! The Gastown Panic πŸ†’ 202152
31⇣Happy in HindsightBertolf202151
4-⇑Before the robots told us where to goJoe Peacock πŸ†’202214
66β‡’Catching LeavesAvi Wisnia πŸ†’202146
711⇑Crushed soul & Antisocial behaviorAlvinos Zavlis πŸ†’2021311
84⇣Beginnings of EndsLyon Tide πŸ†’202144
97⇣Violent OrderMatte Martin πŸ†’202157
1010β‡’Found OurselvesJoe Adhemar πŸ†’2021410
1119⇑Time for the FutureFake Shark πŸ†’2021311
125⇣UnderstandingFedbySound πŸ†’202145
139⇣Just LeoJust Leo πŸ†’202152
14-⇑SonderInvisible Squirrel2022114
1517⇑Wasp-Coloured CarpetSugartown Slim πŸ†’2021315
1612⇣Get Back To The ShipLord Helmet2021512
17-⇑Monsters & HeroesShoun Shoun2022117
1818β‡’LandingMichael Donoghue2021514
19-⇑Altered BeatsAnger Bang πŸ†’2022119
20-⇑Sit DownThe Painkillers2022120
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New and announced albums

DateArtistAlbum Title SpotifyAppleBandcampwebsiteYouTube
Apr 08 2022As Particles CollideThe Crimson Blacklistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Mar 31 2022VanityWyzeVanity Before Wyzelistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Mar 22 2022Dizzy PandaPanda Pointslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Mar 17 2022Blue Lagoon ft. Alyssa FischerCrestfallenlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Mar 16 2022Mark MathewsSoul Purposelistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Mar 04 2022Thirsty CursesTo The Ends of the Earthlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Mar 03 2022ElektrografikAlter Egolistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Mar 01 2022Rick TreffersLevensdriftlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Feb 25
The Fairgreen BandHell Is Other Peoplelistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Feb 25 2022Joe AdhemarExistential Dreadlockslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Feb 22 2022N3510Ibaguelistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Feb 18 2022Bitchin’ HourScreams in Bisexual Paniclistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Feb 11 2022Joe PeacockBefore the robots told us where to golistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Feb 01 2022Anger BangAltered Beatslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Jan 28 2022Shoun ShounMonsters & Heroeslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Jan 22 2022Invisible SquirrelSonderlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Jan 01 2022MedultraThe Firstlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Dec 10 2021Alvinos ZavlisCrushed soul & Antisocial behaviourlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Dec 1 2021Sky Diving PenguinsSky Diving Penguinslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Nov 26 2021Sugartown SlimWasp Coloured Carpetlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Nov 19 2021The Vain TravailAfter a silent disasterlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Nov 11 2021I Am a RocketshipLies and Legendslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Nov 5 2021The PainkillersSit Downlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Nov 5 2021Grim17Digital Throw-up Parts I & II listenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Nov 5 2021Fake SharkTime for the Futurelistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Nov 5 2021Avi WisniaCatching Leaveslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Oct 22 2021GHOSTInfected Empirelistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Oct 15 2021Demi MichelleWill I Everlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Oct 8 2021Mari ContiInvisible Thingslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Oct 1 2021Rose AlaimoGrowlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Oct 1 2021OddwallFearlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Sep 3 2021Michael DonoghueLandinglistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Sep 3 2021Matte MartinViolent Orderlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Sep 3 2021Chris Hardy WorldFlux DeLuxelistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Aug 27 2021Gozer GoodspeedGhosts of the Future & Pastlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Aug 22 2021The Gastown PanicPanic!listenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Aug 13 2021Portraits of SawyerWhatever You May Say listenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Aug 13 2021FedbysoundUnderstandinglistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Jul 24 2021Chris AhlmanOnce Upon A Rhymelistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Jun 18 2021Lord HelmetGet Back To The Shiplistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
May 15 2021DanielTidwell14All Geared Uplistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Feb 6 2021Joe AdhemarFound Ourselveslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
Feb 1 2021Just LeoJust Leolistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
May 28 2021BertolfHappy in Hindsightlistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
May 26 2021Lyon TideBeginnings of Endslistenlistenbuyvisitwatch
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ALBUM TOP 5 2021

1Happy in HindsightBertolf2021
2Panic!The Gastown Panic πŸ†’2021
4Beginnings of EndsLyon Tide πŸ†’2021
5UnderstandingFedbySound πŸ†’2021

ALBUM TOP 5 2020

1Closing CeremonyUmbrellabirds πŸ†’2020
2These Truths Remain UnspokenUnknown Brothers πŸ†’2019
3High and Low and Back AgainFendahlene πŸ†’2020
4Cool CupidEmma Halpin πŸ†’2020
521 Years of Teenage AngstAnimal Revolt2020
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