Monthly updated chart with the best albums created by independent artists. All genres. Selected from the albums that featured in the release talks and whatever we came across. Suggestions are always welcome (DM our twitter account).

1-⇡Happy in HindsightBertolf202111
2-⇡Just LeoJust Leo 🆒202112
3-⇡Panic!The Gastown Panic 🆒202113
4-⇡Beginnings of EndsLyon Tide 🆒202114
5-⇡UnderstandingFedbySound 🆒202115
7-⇡Violent OrderMatte Martin 🆒202117
8-⇡Late Stage OptimismBroken Baby202118
9-⇡Whatever You May SayPortraits of Sawyer 🆒202119
10-⇡Toward The RainbowThe John Michie Collective2021110
11-⇡Wingman ReturnsNomden 🆒2021111
12-⇡No Fools No FunAndre Pettipas and the Giants 2021112
13-⇡Get Back To The ShipLord Helmet2021113
14-⇡GrowRose Alaimo2021114
15-⇡LandingMichael Donoghue2021115
16-⇡Flux DeluxeChris Hardy World 2021116
17-⇡Melancholy Songs of the Caged BirdROJOR2021117
18-⇡All Gearded UpDaniell Tidwell 🆒2021118
19-⇡Bogart’s EyesSophie Mahon2021119
20-⇡Once Upon A RhymeChris Ahlman2021120
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New and announced 2021

Oct 15 2021Demi MichelleWill I Ever
Oct 1 2021Rose AlaimoGrow
Oct 1 2021OddwallFear
Sep 3 2021Matte MartinViolent Order
Sep 3 2021Chris Hardy WorldFlux DeLuxe
Aug 27 2021Gozer GoodspeedGhosts of the Future & Past
Aug 22 2021The Gastown PanicPanic!
Aug 13 2021Portraits of SawyerWhatever You May Say 
Jul 24 2021Chris AhlmanOnce Upon A Rhyme
Feb 6 2021Joe AdhemarFound Ourselves
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ALBUM TOP 5 2020

1Closing CeremonyUmbrellabirds 🆒2020
2These Truths Remain UnspokenUnknown Brothers 🆒2019
3High and Low and Back AgainFendahlene 🆒2020
4Cool CupidEmma Halpin 🆒2020
521 Years of Teenage AngstAnimal Revolt2020
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