In the spotlight – LAHGO

In the spotlight – LAHGO

Sydney (Australia) based band LAHGO is a lockdown baby. The band formed in the La Nina soaked summer of 2021 between long lockdowns, and consists of Mel Bailey, Aron Patel, Lee Denman, Adam Cohen and Max Harris. Their sound was best described by front-woman Mel Bailey: “Arctic Monkeys with a sip of Amy Winehouse”.

“We came together at a time where there was so much uncertainty and each member kinda just fell into place like dominos. Originally we were a two-piece acoustic indie duo called The Runabouts, before we decided we wanted more. Fast forward a year and you have a five-piece indie rock and soul band ready to take it to festival stages.”

If you had to describe each band member in three words only what would they be?

“Mel: Powerhouse, Sweet, Soulful
Adam: Cheeky, Saucy, Hilarious
Aron: Clever, Mullet, Suave
Max: Witty, Whacky, Wild
Lee: Hustle, Hustle, Hustle”

As a fairly new band, how did you guys end up in music?

“We all have had a love for music from day dot. Each have our various stories and paths, but yeh funny to think that a group of misfits would come across each other and form a rockin’ band.”

What’s the origin of the band name and have you changed the band’s name before?

“LoveAndHaveGreatOrgasms. Previously LateAfternoonHeavyGlassOff. And yes it will change again, but it’ll always be LAHGO.”

How would you personally describe your sound?

“Like sticking your fist into a lolly bag mixed with dynamite and not knowing what you might pull out.”

What would you say is your greatest strength as a band?

“Being good mates.”

Could you describe your creative processes? How do you usually start, and go about shaping ideas into a completed song?

“Like Michaelangelo, it starts with just a block of marble. The song is in there, you just gotta keep carving.”

What are you hoping to achieve when you sit down and write a song?

“It depends, sometimes it can be a commentary on how you see that lady in the park or that roughian looking for his next victim. Sometimes it’s an unconscious channel into the future self. There’s no knowing whats gonna pour out onto paper.”

Let’s talk about your newest single, ‘Shallow Hellos’. What was the inspiration for this song?

“Capturing the feeling of isolation and feeling like an outsider in amongst a large group of people. You might say a cliche, but we’ve all been there.”

Music creation or performing and interacting with a live audience, which do you prefer?

“Hahahaha. Which do you prefer… eating a juicy pizza or eating a block of chocolate? Both are good, depends on the mood and times.”

Do you feel that your music is giving you back just as much fulfillment as the amount of work you are putting into it?

“We will never stop making music. We just write music for ourselves. The fulfillment comes from ourselves, not others. If it’s the other way round, you’re not gonna end up happy in the long run.”

Are there any new bands, that are impressing you at the moment?

“New bands? Ummmm a few: Slim Jimz, Krystal Rivvers, South Summit are pretty dope, Bread Club, Pacific Avenue to name a few.”

Now that the year is almost over, how would you say that 2022 has treated the band?

“It’s treated us like an old granny to a 6 year old. It gave us $2 and made us feel special. Maybe thats a dumb analogy but yeh we have had a huge year. I guess we’re hungry for that $10 note next year.”

What are your plans for 2023?


What’s your favourite song from the Cool Top 20 and why?

“I’ll resist the temptation to say our own here and go with ‘Honeybee’ by the Pylons. Some signs of great songwriting there. A bit of Oasis vs Jet and something new. Great stuff guys. Keep going.”

What song would you like to add as a bonus track and why?

“I’ll choose the debut single for one of our mate’s bands Krystal Rivvers. Its western and shexy. Its called ‘Mexicana Blues’. Find it here. As to why? I’ll just let the music do the talking.”

More about LAHGO: website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.

Photo credits @chomme_des_garcons (IG).