New Release – Del Rey Sunshine by Eleanor Collides

Eleanor Collides is the solo project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Nick Ranga (UK). Named after Nick’s childhood imaginary friend, Eleanor Collides started life as a lockdown project in March of 2021 when a group of London based musicians got together to support each other in writing, recording and releasing music.

His debut album ‘People Are Taller in Real Life‘, was released earlier this year and falls somewhere between Indie, Alternative Rock and Dream Pop.

A new single ‘Del Rey Sunshine’ will be out 18th November. A pre-save is available here.

“The song is about the summertime, it’s about looking back on summers from years past, the people you met, the music you listened to. It was inspired by Lana Del Rey and that particular feeling of nostalgia mixed with melancholy she evokes in her music. Musically it’s influenced by REM, one of my biggest influences.”

“I wrote this song in February of this year as part of a songwriting challenge. It’s called February Album Writing Month ( and the challenge is to write 14 songs in 28 days which I managed to do. It was very liberating to just write songs without worrying if they were any good. One phrase that got me through was ‘it doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be finished’.”

“Lyrics are always an important part of the song for me. I do a lot of free writing / stream-of-consciousness when I write lyrics which produces some interesting results. I never like to be too literal with what the lyrics mean, instead I try to create images and atmospheres rather than tell stories. I have always been drawn to lyrics that don’t make much sense and the lyrics for Del Rey Sunshine are especially obscure I think. For me the lyrics of this song are about when I was a teenager, certain people and the music we listened to back then. I like to let the listener find their own stories in my lyrics.”

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