New Release – Blame It On the Booze by Sarah King

New Release – Blame It On the Booze by Sarah King

New England Music Awards 2021 ‘Songwriter of the Year’, Sarah King, inhabits the dark side of Americana, creating “high-powered blues-Americana-rock” anchored by her atmospheric voice and rhythmic blues guitar. King released her debut EP ‘The Hour’ in 2021. A new single ‘Blame It On the Booze’ with ‘Devil’s Try’ as a B side will be available from 11th November.

About ‘Blame It On the Booze’:

“I was inspired to write ‘Blame It On the Booze’ for a friend who was in an abusive relationship. It was so scary to watch everything unfold, especially because they were on a van life trip, sharing a very small space together for months, and she was so far away from anyone who could help. Writing a song helped me channel my worry about her into something that can hopefully help others who may be in the same situation. I tried to end it on a note of strength, and I am relieved my friend was able to leave that relationship and is safe and healthy now.”

“It definitely has a more pop-oriented production than my previous releases, which I think is a great way to balance such a heavy lyrical theme.”

About ‘Devil’s Try’:

“Devil’s Try’ is a pretty classic Sarah King stop and holler rocker with dark overtones. So ‘Devil’s Try’ and ‘Blame It On the Booze’ make a good pair!”

“It was written by a friend while he was active duty in the United States Special Forces. It’s an updated take on the old blues theme of hard times leading to a deal with the devil. In this one, the devil has to wait, because the protagonist still has some business to attend to.”

“Both songs were recorded and produced in the Catskill Mountains by my producer and friend David Baron. He also co-produced my previous EP, and I enjoyed working with him so much, I was pumped to bring these songs back to him. Our focus this time around was to make the recordings feel more like my live show, and I think we did a great job bringing that energy and vibe to the studio. It can be challenging sometimes to get the right feeling when you know the tape is rolling, but when you’re working with and surrounded by the right people, it’s magic.”