New Release – Outside The Null Field (EP) by We Demand Parachutes

New Release – Outside The Null Field (EP) by We Demand Parachutes

We Demand Parachutes are a three-piece alternative rock and pop-punk band hailing from Boston and Brooklyn (USA).

The group was incepted originally when guitarist and vocalist Kevin McCord was deployed overseas with the United States Military, while bassist and programmer Seth Richardson and drummer Ben Shumaker were working in live sound. In late 2016 Kevin started sending ideas from a deployment in Africa back to Seth and Ben. After a few demos were passed back and forth it was clear We Demand Parachutes were meant to be writing and producing music together.

This year We Demand Parachutes played Virginia’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival, one of the largest rock festivals in the country.

Their debut record, produced by Alan Day of Four Year Strong. ‘Outside The Null Field’ will be available digitally at midnight on all platforms on 11th November. A pre-save is available.

Where was it recorded and mixed?

It was recorded at Ghost Hit Recording in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The record is produced, engineered and mixed by Alan Day. It was mastered at Gateway Mastering in Portland Maine.

What was the overall creative and songwriting process like both as a band and working with producer Alan Day?

“We have a behind-the-scenes series on YouTube called “Making The Record” where we document our time in the studio with Alan. Alexandra kept her camera rolling the entire time we were working, and captured many of the moments that defined the construction of the record and seemed to go by all too quickly for us. During our time at Ghost Hit, We all lived in an apartment on the first floor below the studio which allowed us to live in each of these songs and immerse ourselves in the creative process. Alan would leave to head home each evening, sometimes after midnight and we would go back to the apartment and keep working, writing, talking and creating. Prior to this, all of our previous music was written and recorded in basements and spare bedrooms and mixed ourselves. We took pride in that, but bringing in a third party with a new perspective was the catalyst that truly made this a departure. Working with Alan in such an incredible space for an extended period of time was such a privilege.”

What are your favorite memories of writing or recording the album?

“In Massachusetts there was a crazy snow storm in February that happened right smack dab in the middle of recording this record. We had a blast being snowed in at the studio where we were living. We loaded up on chinese food and cheese-its (please sponsor us) and worked late into the night as the blizzard raged outside and then woke up early and got back at it the next day.”

What message do you hope your music sends to listeners? What do you hope they can take away from your songs?

“The plot on this record is really: anxiety, nostalgia, release, and acceptance. The order of the four songs really tells the story of the last couple years for us. The ‘Null Field’ for us is life traps, and all the different and monotonous patterns that we fall into. So much of our world exists in this empty cavern where we constantly receive and recycle information. We feel the sum of who we are is outside of that; it’s joy, it’s love, it’s stress, it’s anxiety, it’s all the wonderful and horrible intricacies of existence. This record is us consciously fighting for an opportunity to share our experiences and who we are as people. For us this is exactly what we want to do… This record is a collection of our stories that’s been distilled by Alan into a discreet moment and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with everyone.”

The first single ‘Hungover You’ arrived in early September. It was followed by October’s ‘29’.