New Release – Still Blue by The Future Us

The Future Us are a two-piece songwriting team from the west of Scotland. They recently were joined by two friends on bass and drums to play live with a full band setup. The band are musically influenced by a wide range of genres, but they usually turn those influences into something a bit rocky. They kick started during lockdown in terms of releases, though they spent a few years before that working on their sound and vibe, experimenting and just seeing if there was something there between them.

Their latest track is called ‘Still Blue’ which will – hopefully – be out on 2nd November. A pre-save is available here.

“This new song is about loss and grief and how some wounds just need time to heal, but never really disappear entirely.”

“In part this track is autobiographical, but we tried to write it in a way that would be relatable to anyone who had suffered loss, whether that be of a loved one or a relationship etc.”

“We had the music for a while but no words or melody. They were inspired by those moments when a smell or a piece of music, or a change of season etc. can floor us, returning us to some prior experience of loss and sadness.”

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