New Release – Chemical Burn by Lyon Tide

Lyon Tide, the three lads from Birmingham (UK) will release a new track ‘Chemical Burn’ on July 29th.

What’s the song about?

“A period in one of our lives, we won’t mention any names, will we Jack? The lyrics refer to his first love and the time he spent hanging out at the bus stop with his girlfriend, both so busy kissing each other that at least three buses would pass before they realized it was time to go. Also the second verse relates to the fun times they had together riding their bikes to Castle Hill which is a notable place on Cannock Chase in the West Midlands.”

“Therefore, the title takes name from the chemical effect that love has on your brain and makes you fall in love and then the painful burn you feel in your heart once the romance is all over.”

How would you describe it?

“When Daz originally pitched the sound to the rest of us, he said it was a new genre; Brummy R&B. We like the sound of that.”

What inspired you to write this song?

“It was initially developed as an experiment as Daz wanted to come up with a new musical genre. It is very common for Darren to put a bright lively sound to deep and meaningful lyrics and vice versa. But lately, it seems we’re getting better at marrying sound and lyrics.”

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