New Release – Find My Way by Leigh Thomas

Leigh Thomas is an Australian based singer/songwriter/guitarist, with a lengthy history performing in both the Melbourne indie scene and cover scene. Leigh will release his new tune ‘Find My Way’ on June 3rd.

“This song is a little different for me, although I hope it has a sound or quality identifiable with my other material. I find all of my songs to be a little different in style and approach, but ‘Find My Way’ is perhaps a little darker with a philosophical edge to it, and a little more on the blues/soul rock side of my stylistic range. It also gave me an opportunity to express my vocal capabilities which I think lend themselves to this style.”

“The artwork for this one is my own creation. I wanted to capture the surrealistic atmosphere of the song, and incorporate imagery of parallel universes and existential crisis, which I found to be difficult with photography. So I decided to paint what was in my head. I also painted the artwork for my single ‘Something About You’, but apart from that, I haven’t painted for many years so the process was a little slow and involved some relearning. This held the release back a little, but the response has been amazing.”

“Musically, the song adheres to my usual process, with myself as writer, singer and guitarist, and my producer Sam adding drum tracks, bass and synth, but I was also very fortunate in procuring the services of renowned musician and producer Joe Adhemar to add some Hammond and Fender Rhodes organ. Joe is a consummate professional and kept his parts subtle, but enough to add to the dark flavour of the song and give it an extra texture.”

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