New Release – Still Fresh by Lucas Gil

Lucas Gil is a Brighton (UK) based musician, artist and producer. His genres are mainly Electronica and Trip-Hop but he dips into different styles as well. His first album ‘Not Yet’ was released in early 2018. His second album ‘Rainland’ has been released in March 2020.

On 30th May ‘Still Fresh’ will be out.

“Originally unfinished one, an idea left in a pile of files on my hard drive… Fast forward a few years later and the track is finished. Originally a farewell, a goodbye from making music, turned later into a one-off. Forgetting the farewell.”

“A blend of piano, movie quotes, 80’s synth and modern beats – all the things I love the most.”

“I think this is one of those more personal tracks. First one was ‘Rainland’ now this. I guess, we do write some music that we don’t think we could share with the world as they are too personal to us. This is one of them… But I do have another one lined up, and maybe a few more in the coming months. I hope to streamline the music styles that I’m making. Make it a bit more consistent.”

Lucas Gil is currently hosting and producing the Supernova Radio Show on the international radio station GlitterBeam UK, which airs every Sunday at 8pm GMT. You can find the show at

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