Spotify Playlist – COOL Indie Collaborations

We think collaborations between artists are cool. Mostly because we like the new creative ideas and results. Another advantage is the artists combine their best skills. Not convinced? Give this playlist a try!

With cool combinations like:

Gribbles & Stick Up Boys, Sean Buckley & Chris James Willows, Dizzy Panda & Yogishine, Hipster Pug & Peacecraft, 3mind Blight & Sophie Dorsten, Jenny Stevens & The Empty Mirrors, Chenel No.1 & Rose Alaimo, John Warwik & Creative Reader, Rebel Tramp & Shaun Charlton, Oddwall & Cjae, Lyon Tide & Julia Faulks, Shaun D Charlton & Chris Clyburn, Shocklore & Koko ber, Reynaldo Costa & Byron Smith, The Perics & Reckless Velvet, Leigh Thomas & Orange G, Bruno Skibbild & The Delerium Trees, Shadow of Light & Spitholic and many others!

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