New Release – Nante Koto Da by Dizzy Panda ft KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

New Release – Nante Koto Da by Dizzy Panda ft KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

After their successful collaboration with Yogishine, Dutch duo Dizzy Panda has announced another collaboration, this time with Japanese rock’n roll duo KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus. The new release will be available from November 12.

What can we expect from this collaboration?

“It’s certainly something unique and different. The lyrics are created by KOJI and are mainly in Japanese. The track has influences of hiphop, funk, psyche and some slowbeat. We’ve created three different versions and we all enjoyed the last version most. Maybe we will release another version later.”

What is the track about?

“We have no idea really. (laughs) The lyrics just sounded very cool in Japanese. Yumiko told us the meaning of “Nante Koto Da” is something like a habit, like it’s impossible, it couldn’t. I’m sure KOJI and Yumiko will tell us more about the lyrics someday.”

What’s next?

“Of course we have created a new music video for this track. Both KOJI and Yumiko send us a photo so we could create the video. We first used black and white for this video, but our Japanese friends preferred red. The video will be released at first.”

“After this track we really want to release our next album, but there are so many other cool things going on at the moment…”

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More info on their websites and socials: | @KojiPlanet | @DrdrKogure | @dizzypandamusic