Monthly Mixtape 2021-10

Our favourite 100 tracks we have discovered in October 2021 (random order). Click the cassette to be directed to the Spotify Mixtape.

Featuring: Sophie Dorsten, Alex Dorsten, Rufusking, Sky Diving Penguins, The Frontier, Collective Music Society, Broken Baby, Sean Buckley, Chris James Willows, Dizzy Panda ft. Yogishine, Rodney B. Hubbard, Joe Adhemar, Jack Francis, HOL, Petty Cassettes, Triivial, The Racket, Liwafelk, Odd Wall ft Cjae, Stephen Babcock, Dstreet, Tube Amp 101, Josephine Pascoe, Ohdes, Padre Toxico ft Awon, The Perics, Beta Ray, Nic Size ft Babebee, Diplomatic Immunity, Misty Mtn, Postindustrial Poets, CLARK NAITO, Fools Errant, Kelly Cresswell, Brianna Blankenship, ROMA, New Recording 47, AFTYN, Damian Axel, Hans Amador, Mike and Mandy, Nauman ft. MARYNE, Indie Dupriez, Motion Sickness, Jason Justly, Portobello Express, Rift Child ft Glamii ft Jordan Rys, Eryn Young ft Aaron Rose, ONINKHO, rosi, Gonzalo de Llano, 4str, Novel Malice, Rocky Guns, Baamboo, ft Sorry The Hedgehog, Radical, William Poyer, King;s Horses, Koangaroosound, ID MUSEUM, Portraits of Sawyer ft Claire Wellin, Platinum Moon, Lonewolves in Paradise, ROJOR, Ross Cantrell, Dante Giordanelli, Jay Mocking, Loops & Loops, Eryn Young, Babebee, Francisco Sola, SAN, Jules Avalon, Adnama, Maze, Ayane Yamazaki, Adam Bloom, Lyia Meta, Tony Blaze Lord of Lyrics, Low, Royel Otis, Jack Trouble, Skili, Snowflake Generation, The Kronskies, Dark Patterns ft Thin Elvis, Graceland Grave Robbers, MXIII, Mark Cokes ft Jimi Hemp, Red Sablooza, Cheyanne Summer, The What?, Ellis Meek, Guthrie Trio, Parasite, The Days of Tomorrow, Rufus Coates & Jess Smith, Joshua & The Holy Rollers, Nisa, 9R4Y, Oghamyst ft Ana Clara Hayley.

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