New Release – Always Darkest Before The Dawn (album) by GHST MDRN

GHST MDRN is a multi-instrumentalist music producer making cinematic post-rock. His new album ‘Always Darkest Before The Dawn’ was released yesterday. The album also features his previously released singles ‘The Depths’ and ‘Into the Aether’.

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“Some of it has a similar vibe to some of my first album but it definitely reaches out to different places.”

What movie should feature your music and why?

“Really depends on the song but I’d love to get my music in a horror movie like the new SCREAM, or in a big fantasy epic like Dune. Or any David Fincher thriller.”

Is there a story behind the artwork?

“The artwork is a photo my wife took of me in a window reflection while riding the seabus a small ferry that takes you from North Vancouver to downtown. I thought it kind of looked like a James Blake album cover and been wanting to use it for artwork ever since.”

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