New Release – The Doubters Dance (EP) by Iona James and Clint Slate

Iona James (nurse, singer/songwriter, trying to do something she loves) and Clint Slate (singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist) released their EP ‘The Silent Sea’ in June 2021. On October 15th they will be releasing another EP together called ‘The Doubters Dance’ containing 4 tracks: ‘Firefly’, ‘Enough’, ‘Summer’ and ‘Shot in the Dark’.

Here’s what Iona had to say about the upcoming release:

“There is a sense of excitement with this release as it is the sequel to ‘The Silent Sea’ and part of a trilogy, from a collaboration which began from a wheel of collaboration on SLE Music Radio.”

“My favourite song on the EP is ‘Firefly’ because its about a music journey, of growth and daring to take the chance. Which without we would not have collaborated.”

“We have lyric videos for each of the songs crafted by Clint.”

Pre-save the EP here.

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