Monthly Mixtape 2021-09

Yes! It’s good to know beautiful music can still be found. Try a little bit of indieness! We have selected these 100 tracks that were submitted to us in the month September 2021 (random order). Click the cassette to be directed to the Spotify Mixtape.

Shoutout to all these artists!

Featuring: The Metal Byrds, Craig Could, DJ, Funny Business, Molly Conrad, Lines of Flight, Shaun D Charlton, Dizzy Panda, Dancing in Jerusalem, Fisj, elverz, Phemb, Zealx, Blake Sonnet, The Gold Supply, Spidercat, Alvinos Zavlis, Aidey, Brainheart, Brett Miller, K.T.A.+, Sofia Nunzia, VISSIA, Inoxidables, QRUSSO, DrEw, ell ven, Sabina Chantouria, Serenades, Samuel Jared, The Empty Mirrors, James Waves, Broken Baby, JOK, Brianna Blankenship, Mark Bleasdale, Lowbelly, Wes Chiller, Laela Giovanna, Walker Tex, Ravenwood, Nineblanks, Kristoffer Gildenlow, Council, Rachel Garlin, SAN, Fake Shark, Guthrie Trio, Hans Amador, Justin Novak, Red Rum Club, Brass Monkey, Atlas Castle, Bulzara, Ele Ivory, rdgbeat, Olivia Goga, The Gastown Panic, Windtree Theory, Vix 20, New Nobility, Charity Stow, Ivory Lake, India Dupriez, Estella Dawn, VERN, Heather Mirage, The Foxholes, ALRIGHT, Postindustrial Poets, pzyroks, Sean Buckley, Nicholas Rowe, Hector Cryo, Nisbi, Anger Bang, Byron Smith, Grave Jones, GIBSON XCVIII, Joao Aranha, Gato Blanco, Soulclap, Sophie Janna, Arthur Falcone, Sebastian Codex, The Blue Gap, Funkykid Beatz, Maximiliano Monte, Reynaldo Costa, The Kecks, Ladat, Michael Donoghue, Candid, Lyon Tide, D.J. Skyjump, KALLEA, ONotez, Jake Manzi, Jack Hyphen,

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