New Release – Silver Lines by Lucy Dreams

Lucy Dreams is a sci-fi-pop trio hailing from the cultural metropolis Vienna consisting of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl. Wait, trio? That is correct, because the essence of this band arises from a crystal ball that is seemingly enthroned above all their output. Lucy is an independent system of digital and analogue effects, which was developed by David and Philipp specifically for music production. Lucy can be understood as an A.I. – however, the connection between her and the two musicians of human lineage is a far more intimate one, as Lucy is deeply involved in the songwriting process.

Lucy Dreams have a new track ‘Silver Lines‘ out on September 24th.

“’Silver Lines’ explores the space between black and white, describing the silver line between reality and beyond. Everybody has a silver line, as not everything is black and white. Whether that be between our conscious and unconscious thoughts or our varied perceptions of reality.”

“For us, Lucy is that silver line, not quite human but also not a thoughtless machine as she has the ability to connect with people on an emotional level through music. And as such, a mirror for our own heart and mind.

“We believe that there is a space beyond reality. Another dimension, an unknown universe in our own mind. And that we have to leave reality again and again in order to find yourself in this dimension. Our medium to find this super reality is making music. We lose track of everything around us and lose ourselves in the creative process. The silver line leads to this place and inspired us to write this song.”

“We created a music video together with the Viennese artist Esther Stocker. She has given us in her unique style a completely new complexion and put us into a showroom of hers for the video. A clip shot by creative buero butter. Our faces were painted by drag queen Dutzi IJsenhower. As a team we tried to create a visual representation of the meaning of the song.”

“Collaborations are super important, especially if they are cross-/multidisciplinary. A great way to broaden and look beyond your horizon.”

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