New Release – Juniper by Josephine Pascoe ft. Neil Thom

Josephine Pascoe is a classically trained musician based in London (UK). She has been writing music with Windsor-based guitarist and producer Neil Thom since 2017.

How did you meet Neil?

“I met Neil when I decided to have some guitar lessons – he was (and still is!) my guitar teacher!”

“We decided to have a go at writing together after a few (too many!) drinks one Saturday night in January 2017.”

Josephine Pascoe released her new track ‘Juniper’ yesterday.

“I started writing the chord structure way back in May – noodling around on the piano in my garden studio. Neil and I have been working on it on and off since then – gradually adding layers.”

“I wrote and recorded the piano chords/parts, all the strings and the flute solos. Neil sorted out the guitars, bass and drums. He produced and mixed it too.”

“Neil has a great home-studio set-up so all the recording and mixing happened there, in Windsor (UK).”

“As we worked on the track I got big 70s vibes and had images of a moody NYC scene. I found an old 70s picture of New York and used a nifty online photo-editor to modify the colours and add text. I really enjoy creating the artwork for our tracks!”

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