New Release – Silver Beatle ver. 2 by KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus are a rock duo consisting of KOJI and Yumoki from Tokyo, Japan. They describe their music as depressive junk rock.

They’ve recently released ‘KEMURI the Planet Ashes’ and already have a new song lined up for release. ‘Silver Beatle ver. 2’ will be out on 3rd September.

“When KOJI was listening to the radio, the DJ played ‘Come Together’. That inspired KOJI to write the lyrics of this song.”

“You might say the tune is very funny or weird, because the lyrics are mainly from songs by The Beatles. We call this a Words Sampling tune. We think the concept of Words Sampling tune shows that we are a rock band with a focus on the vocals.”

“We are happy to release ‘Silver Beatle ver. 2’ and we hope you like it as much as we do. Thank you all!”

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